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National Federation of the Blind of Florida

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The Florida Parents of Blind Children (FPOBC) of the National Federation of the Blind is a community of parents and friends who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nationís blind. Every day we work together to help blind children live the lives they want.

For more information on the Florida Parents of Blind Children Division, please contact:

Miranda Kilby

Phone: 352-942-0417



Kimberly Banks

Phone: 404-259-2651


We believe the long white cane is a means to independence.  The white cane has proved a useful tool to millions of blind people in navigating their environments with confidence and safety.  It is a tool which allows blind people to travel where and when they want, and as such leads to self-sufficiency. Order a free white cane by visiting:

We believe every blind person should have all of the tools available to them as a means to independence. The slate and stylus have long been and continue to be valuable tools for writing Braille.

The slate and stylus is the only Braille-writing device that has the same portability, flexibility and affordability as a pen and pencil. From labeling various items to jotting down a phone number, the uses and advantages of the slate and stylus to the blind are as varied as those of the pencil or pen to the sighted. You can order a free slate and stylus by visiting:

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