Board Meeting

December 3, 2017


Meeting called to order at 8.05 PM

 Present:  President - Denise Valkema, 1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills-Hicks, Board members:1 Tekesha Saffold, 2 Jorge Hernandez, 3 Camille Tate and 4 Rafael Fernandez.

 Secretary Report:  The October minutes were reviewed and approved via email November 19, 2017 as they were needed for board business prior to this meeting.

 President report:  I attended our NFB411 and communications committee calls. I met with 2-chapter presidents by phone, a division board teleconference meeting, FAASB teleconference meeting, and the Miami Chapter meeting. I had a discussion about possible training for our BELL 2018. I submitted a contact for blind parents in Florida, recommended a parent for Parent Learning Program, sent contact information to mail door prizes for national to be put in Braille Monitor. Motions by email passed for revision of article IV of FPOBC constitution, to apply for Facebook giving Tuesday, and 10/28/17 board meeting minutes. I met with our officers to apply for Facebook giving Tuesday and we now have a donate button on our Facebook page. I participated in our legislative call to action. I posted on our lists and Facebook the Santa letter program, national convention July 3-8 at Shingle Creek, and other items.

 Treasurer Report:  Bank balances for October: Operations Account October 1, 2017 -      $9,287.98; Operations Account October 31, 2017 -$7,992.44; NFB-Newsline® Account October 1, 2017 - $33,416.48; NFB-Newsline® Account October 31, 2017 - $32,882.14.

 Division/committee/chapter reports:

Valkema reported: The Suncoast Chapter is doing well.  They are having a holiday party December 16th and planning a pancake breakfast this spring.  They are also trying to get other activities going in the community.  The Broward Chapter is planning a holiday party this month and elections in January.  Tom Rayan is in the hospital and continues to regain his strength.

 Fernandez reported:  No updates at this time.

 Tate reported:  Melbourne Space Coast Chapter:  The chapter gained 4 new members in November and will meet on Monday, December 4th, to decide whether to have a special election to fill an open board position; next chapter election is in August 2019.  MSCC is planning a 4th Annual Car and Bike Show in October 2018.  MSCC has re-organized its committees, creating a new Car Show Committee with Joe Naulty and Julia Savage; Fundraising Committee is now chaired by Peter Poliey, Vice President.  Chapter is working on Holiday celebration December 9th.  FL Deaf Blind Division:  The Division created a State Convention Planning Committee within the Division.  They have submitted a tentative proposal for seminar and workshop for state convention.  They are working on an outreach plan to gather more DB individuals into the Division; also working on networking with other DB organizations to share resources and new potential members.  Legislation:  Committee will meet on Tuesday, December 5th.

Working on Parental Rights Bill in Florida; working to determine which committee in State Legislature will handle the bill; working on identifying the leaders of the majority and minority parties to get them on board; looking for stories of blind parents being denied custody because of blindness to be part of the presentation to FL politicians; would like to have bill ready for introduction in 2019.  The Committee would like to increase participation by members of the affiliate.

 Hernandez reportedMiami-Dade Chapter: The chapter held elections at the November 16th meeting with the following results: Jorge Hernandez President, John Johnson Vice President, Diana Oliveira, Secretary, John Williams Treasurer, Carmen Davis Board member, Lorna Gray Board member, and Lisa Smith Board member.  The chapter is working on our Holiday Celebration for the December meeting.  The chapter is growing steadily, and the meetings are well attended.  We registered the chapter with Publix corporate office for donations. The chapter is working with an Art Gallery to participate in Art Basel.  An exhibition of Braille Basel is part of the function of the event.  Several members will participate on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 and Saturday, December 9, 2017.  Treasure Coast Chapter:  The chapter is working on their raffle that will conclude in two weeks.  The members are excited with the Holiday Calendar Raffle – three of the members were winners.  The chapter is already working towards the New Year with a raffle scheduled for January.

 Saffold reported: I attended our legislative call. The Palm Beach Chapter is excited about our holiday party, which Duffy’s was willing to put together a menu with a budget of $15 per person, which will include the lunch item from the menu, a nonalcoholic beverage, and gratuity. In addition, we will have the drawing for our Holiday Starbucks Basket Raffle. We are planning a social event to go bowling before the Evan’s depart to California and will conduct elections in January.  The Empowerment Committee will have a conference call December 5th, we are planning have a guest speaker who is knowledgeable on the topic of isolation during the Holidays. 

 Mills-Hicks reported:  Polk Chapter: I spoke to Joe and Kitty, as Kitty still needed more information regarding the sales tax exemption. They will be having their Holiday meeting/party at Perkin’s Restaurant.  FLAGDU: FLAGDU President Sherrill O’Brien was at our meeting at the Tampa Airport Hilton. She and Vice President Merry Schoch, were very satisfied with the arrangements that had been made for dog relief areas. Sherrill commented that the geography of the hotel was very easy to navigate.  Senior Concerns Committee:  There will be no Senior Concerns meeting for December. We will resume meeting in January. We will continue to plan something for the state convention.

 Young reported:  The Tallahassee Chapter was honored to sell the ticket to the BIG WINNER for the Holiday raffle.  We have gained 2 active members over the past few months.  We will be hosting our annual Awards Ceremony December 4th, where we acknowledge our members’ service and community organizations that support us throughout the year.  We will hold our elections during our January meeting.  We are also planning a big Yard Sale next spring.  The Jacksonville Chapter is doing well and planning their Holiday party next week.  The Newsletter went out on December 1st and thanks to Camille for the sections on technology and the legislature.

 Kilby reportedTampa Chapter: The chapter continues to attend transportation meetings, since the release of bus changes in October. We will be concluding the year with a Holiday/End of the year party at Barbra’s house, and they have invited all to attend.  NFB411: In November the NFB411 call was well attended and was on the topic of responsibilities, and duties of the officer positions of a chapter or division board. The conference call recording can be heard by dialing, 712-775-7029. Then use access code 938047311, reference number 30.   Communications committee: The committee has been operating closely with the fundraising committee by adding all the videos of our Holiday Calendar Raffle on Face Book and Twitter. We added a donate button on Face Book, and advertised #Giving Tuesday. Camille stated after the New Year we will start our NFBF Book Club.  Parents Division: The state board approved the division’s constitution, and we have sent it to President Riccobono for final approval. Looking forward in seeing the division grow.

 Martinez reportedState Wide: The chapter is in the process of ordering t-shirts with the NFB logo for the members. The chapter is excited that we were able to sell 263 tickets for the Holiday Calendar Raffle.  Scholarship: The Washington Seminar deadline was November 30th. The

Florida delegates will consist of our state president, our 2 legislation chairs, and 6 others. The committee will notify the winners soon.  Daytona Beach: The chapter invested in the Holiday Calendar Raffle and won on three different occasions.  Central Florida: The chapter is doing well, and recently held a fundraiser they are looking forward to state convention.  Fundraising committee: The committee concluded the holiday Calendar Raffle. With everyone working together we sold 1,062 tickets, are largest fundraiser today. Every video has been uploaded to YouTube, our Florida list-serve, our leaders list-serve, Face Book, and Twitter.  So, go check them out.

 New business:

Gloria says we should start the Events committee meetings in January.

 Hernandez congratulated Martinez on his wonderful job with the fundraiser.  Valkema also thanked Kilby’s assistance with the posting of the videos.

 Kilby submitted the possible the theme “We are Family” for the 2018 convention.  A motion was made by Mills-Hicks to accept the submitted theme “We are Family” for the 2018 convention; It was second by Hernandez.  Approved by all and passed.

Our next board meeting will be an open meeting December 18, 2017.

Hernandez made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; second by Martinez.  Approved by all and passed.  The business portion of the meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

 Open forum:  The meeting was opened for questions and comments form the membership.  The we received several questions about the Washington seminar, convention theme and treasurer’s report, and holiday raffle.

Session closed at 8:58 pm.

 Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary