NFBF State Board Meeting

November 28, 2016

Meeting called to order at 8:00 PM

Present:  President - Denise Valkema, 1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills-Hicks, board members: 2 Jorge Hernandez, 3 Tekesha Saffold and 4 Rafael Fernandez

Secretary Report:  A motion was made by Paul to accept the minutes as sent via email; second by Miranda.  Motion approved by all and passed.

President report: November 2nd we had our conference call with Kelvin about Vonage for Newsline and on 11/8 the motion by email passed to accept the Vonage contract with four lines. 11/3 I had a West Volusia conference call with Paul.  On 11/6, I attended a chapter President’s University call on our constitution.11/9 I participated in A Florida Bell conference call and a FLAGDU board meeting call. 11/10 I participated in the senior committee call. On 11/15 I attended our interest topic call on legislation. On 11/15, I sent to Mr. Bergren CF Chapter members mailing address to put in Braille Monitor for door prizes to be mailed for national convention.  On 11/16, I called in for the affiliate presidents call on scholarships and our brand. On 11/17, I ran special elections for Miami chapter and participated in a three-way call with Miranda and a parent. On 11/20, I participated in the chapter presidents call on our brand and member recruitment.  Today, I did research and returned some calls, like other times, most of the day.

Division/committee/chapter reports:

Denise reassigned Lauren’s liaison duties to Gloria for FLADU and Tekesha for Suncoast Chapter.

Rafael reported the Gainesville Chapter was not able to have a meeting last month due to the hurricane treat.  The chapter is working on an event they are having at Stone Cole to help increase membership.  We spoke to the Student Division about scholarships which will be available until March 20th.  They discussed sending out 2 gift cards to NABS to use as door prizes for the Washington Seminar. They have a raffle going which will close on December 7th.

Tekesha reported the Palm Beach Chapter is preparing for the holidays and have a gift card raffle for a honey baked ham which will be drawn at the holiday party.  Elections are coming up in February.  The Empowerment Committee is planning a conference call meeting December 7th on sensitivity and are asking all chapter presidents and vice presidents to attend.   

Jorge reported the Space Coast Chapter is working on braille literacy in the school system.   He may be traveling to the Treasure Coast Chapter meeting December 10th.  The Miami Chapter had special elections and Jorge is now president; vice is now John Johnson.  The Fundraising Committee had better sales this year than last.  The Top 3 Chapters were #1 Tampa - sold 104 tickets, #2 Statewide- sold 80 tickets, and #3 Tallahassee - sold 62 tickets.  Three chapters did not participate at all and we would like to encourage everyone to join in to help our state affiliate grow.

Treasurer Report:  As of October 31, 2016, ending bank balances: Operations Account $9,343.10; NFB Newsline Account $52,329.77 and Wells Fargo Saving Account $177,491.47.  The contract for Vonage is completed and will start tomorrow.

Gloria reported she spoke with Joe and Kitty two weeks ago, and they are doing better.  The Events Committee meeting had 11 chapters present.  The Senior Concerns decided they would have some type of senior program at the State Convention. There will be no meeting in December, but will try to meet regularly on the 1st Thursdays in each month.

Sylvia reported the Tallahassee Chapter had a wonderful Thanksgiving Awards Dinner where several members were recognized for their hard work.  They will have annual elections in January and are planning several fundraisers for next year.  The Jacksonville Chapter is planning a vision walk in January 2017.  The November/December Newsletter is almost completed.  I’m still waiting for calendar dates from committees and divisions and the president’s note.  I hope to have it posted by December 1 or 3rd, allowing for stragglers. 

Miranda reported The Deaf Blind Division has a new president, Julia Savage and Brooke Evans is temporarily holding the secretary’s position.  They will have special elections during the state convention.  The Tampa Chapter is meeting early next month on December 10th and now have a Tampa Chapter list serve.  David Andrews helped to set it up and it allows their chapter to have better communication.  All chapters can take advantage of this method of communicating with their group.  Emails can be sent to the list for all members without having to give out their personal email address.  Contact Denise with details and instructions.  They had 3 of the 4 Saturday winners during the Daily Raffle.  The President’s meeting will be December 2nd.  The next Interest topic call will be January the 2nd Sunday; topic not yet chosen.

Paul reported the Greater Daytona Beach Chapter had a very successful fish fry and raised over $800.  They are having a holiday party December 10th.  The Central Florida Chapter had elections recently and the president is very excited about the new board.   Newsline has signed the contract with Vonage.  Now there is only one number to remember.  We have already received several apps for the 2017 Washington Seminar from multiple chapters.  Continue to encourage your members to apply.

Denise reported she spoke with Tom with the Broward Chapter.  Things are status quo and the White cane walk went well.  Please reach out to them with love and encouragement.     

Old business:

Remember to send a list of your new boards following elections so the list serve and webpage can stay up to date and the right people get the information we send out.

Miranda reported that we have 480 likes on Facebook.  Our goal is to have 500 likes by end of year.

We want to help promote students to apply for the National Scholarships.

The board is planning to go to Orlando at the Double Tree in February or March to meet with the Central Florida Chapter and review the hotel.  Gloria is negotiating cost with the hotel for rooms.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday, December 27, 2016.

 ­­­­­­Jorge made a motion that the business meeting be adjourned; second by Paul.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 9:36 pm.

 Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary


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