NFBF State Board Meeting

September 25, 2016


Meeting called to order at 8:05 PM

Present:  Denise Valkema - President, 1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills, board members: 2 Jorge Hernandez, and 4 Rafael Fernandez

Secretary Report:  A motion was made by Jorge to accept August minutes sent via email; second by Miranda.  Motion approved by all and passed.

President report: On 9/7, I attended the Florida Bell planning meeting. The application to host a Bell Academy was submitted and my application to attend Bell training was submitted by the deadline.  On 9/11, I traveled to Orlando to attend the Florida Housing conference as a disability ambassador.  Miranda and I had a conference call with Alice Eaddy about the deaf/blind division. We met as a board and approved Merry having a meet the blind month event, and we had our interest call on protocol.  On 9/13, I attended the NFBF Deaf/Blind division meeting to affirm affiliate support.  On 9/15, we heard Dr. Haynes passed and on 9/18 Jorge and I attended the Miami Chapter board teleconference meeting.  On 9/19, I attended the Empowerment Committee meeting.   On 9/20, I attended our convention planning meeting.  On 9/24, I spoke at Dr. Haynes memorial service and Jorge attended the service, also. More emails were sent by others to ask to cosponsor HR 188/S201.

Treasurer Report:  By August 3, 2016 all the chapters received their funds for the Apple Trio Raffle.  We received a $4,800.00 check from the Higgins Foundation which was less than last year due to a change in their fiscal year date. The August, 31, 2016 ending bank balances: Operations Account $18,214.50, NFB Newsline Account $40,583.22.   A motion was made by Miranda to accept the report as emailed; second by Sylvia.  Motion approved by all and passed.

Division/committee/chapter reports:

Rafael reported FABS will be donating a $100 to the Miami Chapter in honor of Dr. Haynes.

Denise reported in Tekesha’s absence that the Empowerment committee met and discussed The Help America Vote Act and spent time to remember Dr. Haynes. 

Jorge reported that he was invited by President Riccobono to the Leadership seminar in Baltimore in August.  He had a great experience, had very full days and learned a great deal.  President Riccobono reiterated that we should always support our presidents; nationally, state and local.  We are family and we should stick together.  Don’t allow anyone to come between family.  He will be traveling to Melbourne October 15th for the Space Coast Chapter car show.  The Treasure Coast Chapter is now meeting on Saturdays hoping to grow their membership.  He will be sending out weekly reminders about the Daily Winner Raffle. We are already starting to get monies in from the chapters.

Gloria reported she talked to Joe and Kitty who are doing well.  No Senior Committee meeting due to limited attendance.

Sylvia reported Tallahassee Chapter continues to work on selling tickets for their Pancake breakfast on October 15th.  Also looking forward to their annual Thanksgiving Awards dinner in November and planning to purchase polo shrits with the chapter name to wear to activities.  The Newsletter will be going out the first of October.  We will be adding a calendar section with dates of meetings and activities of interest across the state.

Miranda reported the Tampa Chapter will be collaborating with Mary Schook’s predeveloped meet the blind activity for an east Hillsborough Chapter in October.  They will have multiple activities and tables.  Tampa will have two spirit nights at Five Guys and Beef O’Bradys.  State Convention committee met and set goals with Sherri Bunn in attendance.  Sherri would like the board to come to Orlando to help get their chapter excited about the convention.  The next presidents’ meeting is scheduled for October 9th at 7pm.  They sent a check and Miami chapter in honor of Dr. Haynes and a card to his wife.  The next Interest topic call will be November 13th the topic has not been chosen.  The Deaf Blind Division is trying to move forward and the national Deaf Blind president attended their last meeting.  They sent a check and flowers to Miami in honor of Dr. Haynes.

Paul reported that he attended Daytona Beach Chapter meeting and Scott is doing a great job.  They will have a white cane walk event with the entire community.  They are also planning a Fish Fry in November.  He will be meeting with their Board next month.  Peter Cerrulo is acting vice president until they get someone else to take the position.  The establishment of the West End Volusia Chapter was postponed until 2017.  The contract with Vonage for Newsline phone service was discussed; there are still concerns that need clarifying.  We will get clarification and vote via email to expedite the contract.

Denise reported she will attend the next Miami Chapter board meeting.  Ross is interim president and Jorge is Vice president until November special elections.

Old business:

We will have an open board meeting via conference call October 30, 2016 at 8pm.

New business:

We discussed sending a memorium to Miami from the affiliate.   Gloria made a motion that $100 be sent to the Miami Dade Chapter and a sympathy card to the Haynes family; second by Paul.  Motion approved by all and passed.

Dan and Paul are working on creating emails to allow access to the officers on the website.  This will be a central place for members to access the board members and would look more professional.

We have been having problems with invites to the leaders list.  Denise suggested that perhaps we can use the NFBnet for leaders list.  She will research if it would be possible to do it this way to make it simpler for new leaders to join.

Next board meeting will be October 30, 2016.

­­­­­­Paul made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; second by Miranda. All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 10:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary


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