NFBF State Board Meeting

August 28, 2016


Meeting called to order at 8:00 PM

Present:  Denise Valkema - President, 1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills-Hicks, board members: 2 Jorge Hernandez, and 3 Tekesha Saffold

Secretary Report:  A motion was made by Miranda to accept July minutes sent via email; second by Gloria.  Motion approved by all and passed.

President report:  July 27th was the stakeholders summit and I inquired about the hotel for a future convention site but it is too small. The contract was signed and sent to Doubletree.  On July 31st we had our interest call on fundraising.  Answers to the reflection questions were sent to President Riccobono. Thank you to those that responded.  On August 14th the board approved by email the motion for the chapter selling the winning ticket drawn on Saturdays to receive $100 during daily winner raffle.  Legislative action on space available was sent.  Bell academy meetings and NFB Newsline committee meetings were held.  I attended WBU to volunteer with an exhibitor and did some marshaling.  I sent information on potential CF members to Sherri.  More information will be shared during the meeting.

Treasurer Report:  July ending bank balances: Operations Account $16, 658.20, NFB Newsline Account $41,033.28.   A motion was made by Miranda to accept the report as emailed; second by Jorge.  Motion approved by all and passed.

Division/committee/chapter reports:

Tekesha reported the Palm Beach Chapter board met yesterday and now have a new treasurer, Donna Evans treasurer and Secretary, Elaine Costly.  They are planning a meet the blind month White Cane walk October 15, 2016 and meeting with law officers to educate them on the white cane law.  They competed their Roger Dean fundraiser which went very well.  They were able to sell 120 of the 150 tickets that they purchased.  She visited the Miami Dade Chapter and gained ideas form them.  They will be adding a sunshine committee to celebrate birthdays and celebrations with their member.  The Empowerment committee is meeting Monday 29th at 8:30 pm for the core group. 

Jorge reported he received the lapel pins about a week ago and will get a committee call to set up the fundraiser to get them sold.  He sent out the Daily Raffle tickets to all of the chapters.  Tim Edwards says the Treasure Coast Chapter is now meeting on Saturday to make it more convenience for members to attend.  Their first meeting will be in September.

Gloria reported she spoke with Kitty from Polk Chapter to give them encouragement.  She texted Mary with Pinellas Chapter who stated they did receive their money from the Trio Raffle.  Larry with Pinellas Chapter is planning a resource fair in November with various vendors like Freedom Scientific.  The Senior committee did not meet in August.

Sylvia reported Tallahassee Chapter had candidates come to speak to their members this month and the ticket sells for their Pancake breakfast fundraiser in October are going well.  They participated in the LBB Techno Demo on July 21st, which had a good turnout.  They are planning activities for the Meet the Blind month including proclamations and a white cane walk.  One of Jacksonville chapter members, Gladys helped with the translation team at national, was invited to speak to the Spanish community via radio.  Denise sent out congratulations via email.  The September/October Newsletter will be going out the first of October and she is asking all to submit items for this issue.

Miranda reported The Deaf Blind Division will be meeting the 2nd Tuesday in September.  Tampa Chapter had a guest speaker from the crime prevention unit at their last meeting.  Next month they will have someone come to explain the Amendments that will be on the ballot.  The Presidents meeting was well attended.  The next one is October 9th at 7pm and on September 11th there will be an interest topic call on protocol.

Denise reported that Miami has plans for a White Cane Safety Day next month. The Miami Dade Chapter had elections and were able to test the voting machines avaible in their area at their last meeting.  In October, Virginia Jacko from the Lighthouse will be coming to talk about joining them in a white cane event.  The new member forms from national are avaible and she asked that the liaisons get with each chapter to enter the new member’s information to receive welcome letters and all form national.  At stakeholders’ summit and Florida Rehab Council, we agreed to have more stakeholders’ meetings in future and Gloria mentioned as a member of FRC, that the council felt communication was better between all concerned and was more positive about the situation.

Paul reported the Statewide Chapter met and have established new committees.  The Daytona Chapter will meet in new location in September and are planning different activities for meet the blind month.  Newsline is asking chapters to encourage members to sing up if they are not already.

Newsline committee was asked to look into a new contract for the phone service, as the current contract expires July 2017.  Russ Davis received a quote from Vontage which was only good until July 31,2016.  We are hoping to have one number for all with call with a menu to select different contact persons.  Paul motioned to table the decision until next month to gather more information, second by Gloria.  Motion approved by all and passed.

The proposed West End Volusia Chapter has been meeting and will have an organizational meeting in September.  The official launch is planned for October with elections.  Paul has been appointed as liaison.  Board members gave suggestions for their proposed constitution for Paul to take to their next meeting.  Peter has also been reaching out to the Daytona Chapter to show his support to them.

We discussed plans for a Bell academy in Florida.  There have been a couple of meetings with Ronnie Silverman, director of the Center for the Visual impaired in Daytona and Carlton Walker.  The Bell Academy is planned for June 15th through 31th, 2017 at the Center for the Blind and Visual Impaired in Daytona for 2 weeks (weekdays only) with a possible 17 students.  National will cover transportation for 2 and lodging and meals for up to 4 for the training in October.  Paul made a motion that we begin the process to apply to have a Bell Academy in 2017 in Florida, second by Miranda.  Motion approved by all and passed.

We discussed having other public board meetings at our state convention and/or via phone.  The board will plan to meet a day or two prior to the State Convention.  We will have a possible open conference call in November/December, but date to be finalized at our next meeting.

Next board meeting will be September 25, 2016.

Denise has been approached about someone wanting to start a chapter using Meet the blind activities.  After discussion, Tekesha motioned to table the discussion until more research is done, second by Gloria.  Motion approved by all and passed.

­­­­­­Jorge made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; second by Sylvia. All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 9:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary


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