NFBF State Board Meeting

June 28, 2016

Meeting call to order at 8:40 PM

 Present:  Denise Valkema - President, 1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills, Board Members: 2 Jorge Hernandez and 3 Tekesha Saffold

 Secretary Report:  Approval of minutes tabled pending corrections; to be voted on at the national convention during the caucus.

President report:  She received emails regarding the national convention confirming our Florida table C18, Florida caucus July 2nd from 5:30-6:30 in room Wekiwa 4, Florida preregistration list, and schedule updates for hospitality suite and information table. Florida is not on list of national student scholarship winners. She sent a convention email to the lists. She and Gloria helped find rooms and roommates for members wanting to attend the national convention. The Newsline contract was updated. She sent NFB connect app updates to Danielle. Chapter presidents have been added to chapter presidents list and invited to send a request to participate in Chapter Presidents University. She has been in contact with some in hopes of starting a Merchant’s committee and followed up on the possibility of having a parent concerns gathering at the convention. She attended a FAASB meeting along with Jorge.  She also attended the Convention Committee and Senior Concerns meetings. More updates later in the meeting.

 Treasurer Report:    As of May 31, 2016 the operations account balance is $9,204.80 and the Newsline account balance is $41,839.01.  Gloria has prepared the checks for donations to the different funds and will deliver them at the national convention.  A motion was made by Jorge to accept the treasurer’s report as emailed; second by Paul.  Motion approved by all and passed.

 Division/committee/chapter reports:

Paul reported the Statewide Chapter is excited and a couple of members are interested in coming to the national convention.  Their wallet raffle has more than $600 now.  FABS continues to work hard on their I-phone SE raffle and a few members will attend the convention.  The Newsline meeting for June was canceled.  The scholarship winners have received their checks and most will be at the Florida caucus.   The Newsline contract was discussed.  Paul motioned that we pay our Newsline marketers $10 an hour until we meet again on the issue in December; second by Miranda. Motion approved by all and passed.  Gloria stated that our Sprint contract with the 800 number for Newsline is coming to an end June 2017.  We should shop and compare pricing for the new lines to get the best price.

 Miranda reported the Tampa Chapter has audible voting machines coming in July, Crime prevention in August and someone coming to talk about the amendments in September.  They will be selling NFB recyclable bags and envelope openers at the convention.  The Deaf Blind Division met in May and voted to endow the board members $50 to assist with convention expenses. The next interest call will be on fundraisers in July.  The State Convention Committee went to see the Orlando hotel and found that they have sufficient space for our activities and we will have the run of the hotel.  Concerns are the dog relief area, parking and breakfast.  They will be going to evaluate to the Lexington in Jacksonville as a backup.  Paul spoke later with the manager who said they do have another area for dog relief and offered us 15 free parking spaces.

 Sylvia reported the Tallahassee Chapter had an awesome Father’s Day celebration during their June meeting.  They are planning an annual Pancake breakfast fundraiser in September.  They are to bringing the champions T-shirts to the convention to sell at the exhibit table.  Denise reported that she recently spoke to Marita in Jacksonville who is excited about coming to the national convention along with other Jacksonville members one of which is a scholarship winner.  She is hoping to attend the Chapter Presidents University.

 Gloria reported the Senior Concerns Committee had their 1st meeting and had good attendance.  She spoke with Joe and Kitty King from the Polk Chapter and they are doing well.

 Jorge reported he spoke to Joe Naulty from the Melbourne-Space Coast Chapter and they now have 48 members.  They are still working on the paratransit issue in their area and have several members coming to the convention.  He spoke with Tim from the Treasure Coast Chapter who wants to get the brochures for the KNFB reader.  They do have some members coming to the convention.  The KNFB reader is on sale July 1st – 7th for $65.  The Apple Trio raffle is going very well and we will have tickets at the exhibit table to sell.  We had problems with receiving the Lapel pens via UPS.  They are tracking the package and the investigation will take 8-10 days.

 Tekesha reported the Palm Beach Chapter has 17 members who will attend the national convention, including some new members one of whom is a Jernigan Scholarship winner.  They sold 100 Roger Dean tickets and planning to ordering.  Due to the success of their fundraising, they are able to assist all their members defray convention costs.

 Denise contacted Peter Cerrullo about the new chapter in Deland.  They are hoping to get it up and running by October.  Miami purchased 3 rooms for their board members to attend the convention.  One new member will be coming.   

 Old Business

National Convention:  Denise received emails from Pam Allen saying that Florida is stepping up to help with the information table.  They are still looking for help in the hospitality suite.  They are having an open air concert during the convention and we may be asked to help out with the tickets sell.  Paul reported that we will start servicing the Florida table Friday at 11am through Monday; all time slots are covered.

 Denise reported that NLPBC says that there are not parents in Florida.  Kimberly Banks is willing to put something together informally to try to regroup and organize our parents.

 New Business

Denise and Jorge attended the FAABS meeting earlier this month.  They plan to meet with the Blind Veterans, Florida Council of the Blind and NFB July 27th in Fort Myers.  It will be a planning session to determine what we are going to do about DBS being moved into VR. It is very important that we as consumers have input, as this has not been a beneficial move in other states.

 The Nation’s Blind pod casts are available.  Listen to hear what Mark Riccobono and Anil Lewis spoke about.

 Paul thanked the Tallahassee Chapter for helping to support the statewide chapter with their raffle.

 Next meeting will be during Florida caucus at the National Convention.

 Miranda made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; second by Paul.  Motion approved by all and passed.  Meeting adjourned at 10:12 pm.

 Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary


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