NFBF State Board Meeting

March 28, 2016


Meeting called to order at 8:02pm.

 Present:  Denise Valkema - President,  1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills, board members: 1 Lauren Blum, 2 Jorge Hernandez, 3 Tekesha  Saffold, and 4 Rafael Fernandez

 Secretary Report:  A motion was made by Miranda to accept minutes sent via email; it was second by Gloria.  Motion approved.

 President report:  We held our budget meeting and mini bell meeting. An email was sent to directors inquiring about children and instructors. The invitation to invite former board members to the national convention was sent. The invitation to have chapters look for hotels was sent and so far, Palm Beach has expressed an interest in the Boca Raton Embassy Suites. We have been in communication with the Deaf Blind Division and the Daytona Beach chapter. The Daytona chapter president and Jacksonville chapter presidents resigned and elections have taken place. We have had meetings concerning the 2016 Newsline contract which is still in negotiations. The exhibitor application form has been submitted for the national convention and email regarding Florida’s responsibilities at convention sent. We have received five Kenneth Jernigan scholarship applications and ten interviews for president's letter have been completed. Emails have been sent to all Florida national student scholarship applicants to set up interviews by March 31st. I had the pleasure of attending the Palm Beach chapter meeting.

 Treasurer Report:  A motion was made by Sylvia to accept the report as given; it was second by Miranda.  Motion approved.

 Division/committee/chapter reports:

Paul reported that he visited the Greater Daytona Beach Chapter and Scott Larson is the new president.  Paul made a motion to table voting on their amendment constitution until we get the full document; Jorge second the motion.  Motion approved.  Paul thanked Peter and Jean for all their help and transportation assistance while he was there.  FABS are excited and can’t wait to get to the national convention.  Paul is planning to attend the Orlando Chapter’s meeting in August.  He asked that we spread the word that the scholarships for the national convention are available.  The scholarships are for both 1st timers and persons who need financial assistance.

 Miranda reported that Connie Mount is the new secretary for the Deaf Blind Division.  They have scheduled regular meetings for the1st Tuesday of each month.  Tampa Chapter is planning a lot of activities for the year, including guess speakers and fundraising.  The presidents committee will be meeting April 10th.

 Sylvia reported the Tallahassee Chapter has been very busy with fundraising.  They partnered with a community group, the X-it foundation, for their Oxny and Rudy Ball.  The foundation will donate a percentage of the profits from the ball to the chapter.  Jada instituted 2016 Hopes and Dreams which are ideas for activities and fundraisers for the year.  They will also be participating in the annual Springtime Tallahassee Parade in partnership with TCB and the Lighthouse of the Big Bend. Tallahassee will be voting on the amendment to their constitution at their next meeting in April and will resubmit it to the board soon.  She sent out an email to Marita, president of the Jacksonville Chapter with response pending

 Gloria reported that she spoke to Kitty and Joe King who celebrated their 45th anniversary March 21st in Orlando. 

 Lauren reported Suncoast Chapter just finished a fundraiser at the Swamp Fest.  They were able to meet with a county commissioner and one of the runners for the state house.  They did gain 2 members but did not get much interest or funds.  They are planning a Pancake breakfast on April 30rd at Beef O’Brady’s and sale are going well.

 Tekesha reported the Palm Beach Chapter has been very busy.  Denise and Dr. Haynes attended their last meeting.  They have a Roger Dean fundraiser on August 19th.  Planning a Bake/Yard Sale May 21st.   Their Newsletter is coming out Friday.  She contacted Maryland with the Empowerment Committee who has meeting set for April 4th at 7pm.  Paul asked her to be on the state scholarship committee for the national convention.

 Rafael reported the student division discussed working with NABS at the national convention.  They also discussed and tabled a possible raffle with NABS at the national convention.

 Jorge reported Shingle Creek raffle already raised about $1600.  It will conclude on March 31st.  He sent out an email for an open fundraiser meeting.  They came up with several suggested fundraisers: 1. A raffle called Apple Trio for an I-Pad Pro or $850 cash value, an Apple watch or $450 value and an Apple-TV or $200 cash value.  Planning to sell tickets for $5 each.  The winner to be drawn on the last day of the national convention.   2.  A raffle for 5 days/6 nights hotel stay and a $50 per day per diem for the 2017 convention approximately $1250 value.  3. They suggested selling Lapel pins with NFB 2016.  4.  Another Calendar raffle with increased cash prizes.
Paul motioned that we do the Apple Trio raffle for the national convention; it was second by Tekesha.  Motion approved.  Paul motioned that we create lapel pins for 2016 national convention, it was second by Gloria.  Motion approved.

 Denise reported that Lenora is planning to attend the national convention during the weekend.  Peter is also planning to come July 2-5th.  Rashad and Avita are expecting their baby at that time and will not be able to come.  He asked if he can’t attend the national convention this year, could he use it for next year’s convention.  After discussion, Paul motioned that we pay for Mr. and Mrs. Morgan’s 2017 State convention stay and transportation; Miranda second; motion approved.

 Joe Minichiello is the new chairman of the Newsline committee.  The Board is invited to the Newsline committee meeting Thursday March 31, 2016. 

The board met with Carlton Walker about having a Mini Bell program before the national convention.  Denise has contacted some of the Lighthouses and others about assisting and if they have children that may want to participate, with no response at this time.  After discussion, Paul motioned that we have a Mini Bell program before the national convention; it was second by Jorge.  Motion approved.  Denise will check to see if National can get the space at the hotel for Mini Bell program.

Denise mentioned that she received an email about NOPBC starting a mentoring program for blind parents and forwarded it to Miranda for Holly.  She will forward any information that she gets to pertinent committees as she gets them.

Our next meeting will be April 24, 2016.

We will have a committee to look into hotels for our next state convention.  We will try to have a decision made by national convention.

Paul made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; second by Jorge.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary


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