NFBF State Board Meeting

February 28, 2016


Present:  Denise Valkema - President,  1st Vice President - Paul Martinez, 2nd Vice President - Miranda Kilby, Secretary - Sylvia Young, Treasurer - Gloria Mills, board members: 1 Lauren Blum, 2 Jorge Hernandez, 3 Tekesha  Saffold, and 4 Rafael Fernandez

Secretary Report:  Motion by Paul to table secretary’s report for January minutes and additional minutes from the State Convention pending corrections to be approved by online vote; it was second by Jorge.  Motion approved.  Sylvia will send out amended minutes to board to approve via email.  Amended minutes sent out via email 2/29/16.  A motion was made by Paul to accept amended minutes; it was second by Miranda.  Motion approved 3/2/16.

Treasurer Report:  Gloria sent out report via email and gave explanations of some of the entries.    A motion was made by Jorge to accept treasurer’s report with the investment amendment to be sent by email; it was second by Miranda.  Motion approved.

President report:  Denise received multiple calls and emails this month. Some inquired about chapters and others for assistance. She forwarded legislative emails and received a list of national scholarship applicants and applications for Kenneth Jernigan scholarships. She started working on a hotel check list for the state convention and received several chapter constitutions and new board member lists. She emailed Independence Market concerning the possibility of making new member packets available on a flash drive. She has inquired about chapter charters and will personally deliver them to the chapters once they have been signed by the national and state presidents.  She was contacted about possibly having a mini bell program just prior to national.  She attended the state convention planning seminar where she enjoyed networking and received a flash drive with lots of information.  Denise encouraged chapters to use the list to share fundraising ideas to help all chapters.

Division/committee/chapter reports:

Paul reported Central Florida & Daytona Beach chapters are trying to schedule a meeting that he can attend and will keep him informed of their activities.  The Statewide chapter just elected a full board and continues to build their membership.

Miranda reported Tampa had elections yesterday and have a full board with some new members.  They gained 3 new members at their last meeting.  The Deaf/Blind division is encouraging participation of their full board to continue to grow their division.

Sylvia reported Tallahassee had a Quarter Auction 2/20/16 and had a great time of fellowship and raised some funds.  She did make contact with Gina the Jacksonville president.

Lauren reported the Suncoast chapter is involved with the Weeki Wachee Swamp Fest where they have a booth to pass out information, collect donations and sell raffle tickets.  All the funds from the festival are divided among the non-profits.  They are planning a pancake breakfast April 30th and also selling candy in medical offices around the city.  She plans to contact FLAGDU tomorrow.

Jorge reported the Fundraising committee’s raffle has a month left to go.  Tickets and funds should be sent by last week in March.  He will try to send out self-addressed envelopes to the presidents to return the funds and tickets.  The committee will have an open fundraising meeting sometime in April.  Space Coast wants him to travel there for one of their meetings and a KNFB presentation.  Treasure Coast is looking forward to working with us this year.  The KNFB is only in printed form at present and they will be sending a packet soon which he will get out to the chapters.

Tekesha reported their Board met and confirmed fundraisers including Baseball raffle and Yard Sale.  They are looking into a Lunch /dinner cruise where the funds a slot machine will be dedicated to the chapter.  She will be sending out their chapter’s newsletter with updated information this week.

Rafael reported he reached out to Judy with the Gainesville Chapter.  The Student’s had first meeting last Sunday and tabled a motion to come up with fundraising ideas geared toward national until the next meeting.

The Board discussed the Tallahassee chapter’s amended constitution.  Motion made by Paul to take back the board’s suggested changes and vote to accept their amended Constitution by email vote; it was second by Jorge.  Motion approved.

Future meeting dates:  Meetings will be held the 4th Sunday of each month except - March meeting on Monday the 28th, June meeting on July 2nd at National caucus; November meeting on Monday the 28th due to Thanksgiving weekend; December meeting on Tuesday 27th due to Christmas.  All dates are subject to change and possible special meetings maybe called.

Anil Lewis suggested that we consider having a Mini Bell program just prior to national.  Carlton Walker is willing to meet with us to discuss the feasibility of Florida doing this and the cost involved.  This maybe a way to get more parents involved in the affiliate and the national.  A call board meeting to be held Sunday or Thursday night pending Carlton’s availability.

Committee chairs & liaisons:  News Line chaired by Sherri Brum, Paul as liaison and Rafael learning; Scholarship committee chaired by Paul and Tekesha to learn, Empowerment committee chaired by Marilyn Baldwin with Tekesha  helping to direct and Sylvia to assist; Seniors are chaired by Gloria and Lauren to assist; Legislation chaired by Jorge and Sylvia to assist.  Parents chaired by Holley Ryan and Miranda liaison, Avita and other parents to assist; Fundraising chaired by Jorge and Tekesha to assist.  President’s committee chaired by Miranda and Denise;   State convention chaired by Miranda and Gloria; National Convention scheduling by Rafael and work with Gloria and Jorge for fundraising.  KNFB liaison is Jorge.   Denise is hoping that all the committees will work hard and will meet on regular basis.  She also suggested they have teleconferences throughout the year where other members in the state can participate.  The chairs and liaisons should get together and recruit other members and run them by Denise.  The committee numbers should be odd for voting purposes and are encourage to have some diversity.  Gloria feels we need to make some changes in the way we conduct the News Line and use the funds we have allocated and get more people involved.

Motion made by Gloria to cover the entire board and last year’s former board members for up to 5 days hotel and $40 a day per diem except for those attending the banquet, $70 per diem for that day; it was second by Paul.  Motion approved.

Florida will have a table at the National convention in the exhibit hall.  Denise will submit an application for the table.

A budget update meeting will be held Tuesday night at 9pm for officers and fundraising committee.

Jorge motioned that the meeting be adjourned, second by Paul.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sylvia Young, NFBF Secretary


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