NFBF State Board Meeting

December 6, 2015


Present: Denise Valkema, president; Peter Cerullo, 1st vice-president; Paul Martinez, 2nd vice-president; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Miranda Kilby, board member; Rashad Morgan, board member; Jorge Hernandez, board member

Meeting called to order 8:05pm

Motion by Peter to accept minutes as e-mailed. 2nd by Jorge. All Approved.

President’s report: We had an informal board meeting with Fred Schroeder on the 15th of November. He said we have challenges but are moving forward in a positive manner. It was suggested that there be increased communication between liaisons and chapters. There are no new updates concerning the People’s First website accessibility issues. Fred made some helpful suggestions for our state convention. Jacksonville and Miami chapters have sent a list of their newly elected chapter board. Willie was notified that she would be given five minutes for her appeal during our business meeting at state convention, with more information to come later. Our state raffle has been very successful. Applications for Washington Seminars are being submitted and Rashad will give a report at a later date. Letters have been sent to state convention speakers and they are sending in their responses. Request for resolutions has been sent out to the list. Denise appreciates how everyone works as a team to accomplish our goals.

Treasurer’s report: As of October 31st, our operations account balance is $9,969.47; newsline account balance is $49,353.88; and investment account balance $189,874.14.

Motion by Paul to accept treasurer’s report as given. 2nd by Rashad. All approved.

Peter reports that there is a meeting in Deltona on December 12th. There are 24 people interested in developing a chapter in that area. The meeting will be held at the Lion’s club located behind Stetson University.
Paul reports that the scholarship committee will be meeting on December 15th to choose the recipients. There were seven applications received and three will be chosen. The student division is in the process of scheduling their guest speaker for state convention. The empowerment committee will be meeting on December 14th to discuss what will be happening at state convention.

Jorge reports that the fundraising committee will be scheduling an open meeting and information will be posted to the leader’s list. They are looking for some creative fundraising ideas to start at state convention and run through national convention.

Gloria reports that the events committee met with half the chapters and divisions represented. Everyone was very enthusiastic and shared plans for state convention.

Miranda reports that the Deaf/Blind Division met this last Tuesday and they received their check for audio equipment. The meeting was well attended and everyone appreciates the state affiliate support for audio equipment. The president’s committee will be meeting next Sunday.

Rashad reports that he has been working with the Tallahassee Chapter to increase participation and attendance. The chapter has recently updated their constitution and those changes should be sent to the board soon. Chapter elections will be held in January.

Jorge participated remotely in the national web accessibility seminar. He reports that there are a lot of new things that are coming out concerning coding and putting together web pages. Information concerning KNFB readers will be posted on the listserv and our web page. Information will also be presented during a workshop at state convention.

Board assistance at state convention is discussed.
Motion by Paul to assist NFBF state board members with $40 per day per-diem at state convention. 2nd by Peter. All Approved.

Peter informs concerning DBS new pre-employment program. A workshop on this new PEP program is being discussed and planned. It’s a great opportunity to inform members about this at state convention. Peter will keep us informed of the workshop’s progress.

The best way to offset room costs for state convention is discussed. Covering breakfast or the banquet is suggested. We will discuss this further at a later date when we have more information.

Rashad informs concerning Washington Seminars. The application requesting financial assistance has been sent out. Fourteen people have applied and expressed interest in representing our state. He notes the deadline to submit names to national is approaching. He will be sending out brief information concerning each interested person along with contact information.

Doreen Franklin’s request concerning Family Café is discussed. Motion by Paul that we do not fund her attendance or participation at this event. 2nd by Gloria. All approved.

Final comments.

Meeting adjourned at 10:13pm.


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