NFBF Board Meeting June 1, 2014


Present: Dan Hicks, president; Peter Cerullo, 1st vice-president; Denise Valkema, 2nd vice-president; Lenora Marten, secretary; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Paul Martinez, board member; Miranda Kilby, board member; Johnnie Slayton, board member; Jim Ellsworth, board member

Meeting called to order 8:02pm

Motion by Miranda to approve minutes as sent. 2nd by Paul. All approved.

Gloria gives treasurer’s report: Our operations account balance is $9,141.82. We have not yet received any money from national for newsline. Our newsline balance is $41,544.00.

Motion by Peter to accept treasurer’s report as read. 2nd by Denise. All Approved.

Dan gives presidents report: Our Florida Caucus will be held on Wednesday, July 2nd from 6-7 pm in Salon 4. The national agenda is now on line.

Dan has been working on finding bands for our national convention opening ceremonies. He found a band that we have to book tomorrow. Big City Band comes highly recommended. They will play four songs for us, which will consist of songs from Florida. The cost to us for this band will be $1,000.

We have a national scholarship winner from Florida, Austin Hicks. He seems really nice and Paul will connect with him at the convention.

We had a discussion concerning Larry Ball being president of the Pinellas chapter. Dan called Dr. Mauer to consult over this issue. Dr. Mauer asked if Larry thinks of himself as a blind guy. Dan informs that Larry has been blind most of his life. Although he now can see well enough to drive a car, he still thinks of himself as a blind guy. Dr. Mauer also inquired as to whether Larry was elected by the chapter, and if the chapter has a problem with it. Dan informed him that yes, Larry was elected and no, the chapter didn’t have a problem with Larry’s sight. Dan informs that Dr. Mauer said, if that is the case, we should leave the chapter alone. Yes, we have guidelines in our constitution that also need to be in state and chapter constitutions. However, chapters need to interpret their own constitutions, and it’s that interpretation that really matters. Dan informs that it is Dr. Mauer’s opinion that this does not violate our constitution. Dan will be posting a response to the listserv concerning this matter.

We discussed funding requests for national convention. Whether we give help to chapters or individuals as well as not leaving it to the last minute is discussed. General session attendance requirements should be made as well as requirements to help at the hospitality suite, exhibit hall table, or information table.

Paul informs that the FABS pancake breakfast has been cancelled due to national concerns.

Opening ceremonies are discussed along with the possibility of booking the Big City Band.

Motion by Paul, due to time constraints, to go ahead and book this band. 2nd by Jim. All Approved.

Dan asks the board to send re-imbursement requests to both him and Gloria. Be as specific as you possibly can and send attachments. Also, please include your address.

We have not yet received any bids for state convention. Denise informs that Miami has checked out a hotel called Marco Polo Beach Resort in the Marco Polo area. Miranda inquires as to the procedure of putting in a bid with the state. Dan informs that the hotel price is really important, along with meeting space, nearby restaurants and grocery stores. It helps if the hotel has a shuttle to get people to restaurants and grocery stores. Gloria will give Miranda some hotel names in Tampa. Breakfast is helpful, which Embassy Suites always provides. Johnnie suggests that Dan share information with the board as to what chapters are interested or have put in bids for the state convention.

National convention donations are discussed. Motion by Miranda to donate $500 each to the three funds.  2nd by Paul. All Approved.

Denise will be sending out the volunteer schedule to the list. People will be able to sign up for the exhibit hall table, the hospitality suite, and the information table.

The President’s committee meeting will be on the 8th, the Events Committee meeting on the 16th, and our next board meeting on the 22nd.

Meeting adjourned at 9:44pm


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