NFBF State Board Meeting January 5, 2014


Present: Dan Hicks, president; Dwight Sayer, 1st vice-president; Denise Valkema, 2nd vice-president; Lenora Marten, secretary; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Joe Minichiello, board member; Peter Cerullo, board member


Meeting called to order 8:03pm


Minutes will be approved via e-mail to give everyone a chance to read them.

Gloria gives treasurer’s report: The operations account balance as of December 31, 2013 is $22,305.98. The newsline account balance as of December 31, 2013 is $64,874.44. Scholarship donations have been coming in along with registration and banquets. As of right now, there are about 112 registrations.

Motion by Peter to approve treasurer’s report as given. 2nd by Denise. All Approved.

Motion by Joe to approve December’s treasurer’s report as given in December meeting. 2nd by Denise. All Approved.


Dan gives president’s report: We’ve been working on badges and lanyards. The agenda is up and posted. It has been forwarded to Peter for printing. We had our meeting on the BELL program. We decided to wait until next year to host a 2015 program. The program has evolved into something more complicated and we need a little more time to prepare. Dan did put out an e-mail concerning dual membership to clarify the national policy we are expected to follow.


Dan asks for committee and division reports:

Gloria report on events committee: Agenda discrepancies are discussed. We need to move some of the breakout sessions so we can prepare for the auction and Daytona Chapter can decorate. The committee met and we’ve got box lunches resolved so people can easily purchase lunch. They will get chicken salad, chips, and drink for $10. The preconference meeting will be the Baracuda room. Butch Testa will be working with us on sound. Issues with the hospitality room are discussed. We do have vans that will pick people up at the Deland train station. There will be volunteers to help people cross A1A to Publix and local area restaurants. We’re doing a 50/50 raffle at the convention and will use tickets with numbers rather than having them printed. The drawing will be held on Monday after elections and you must be present to win. We have not yet met our room commitment, but are quickly closing that gap. There are only a few rooms left. The last day for pre-registration and banquet is January 10th.


Plans for Washington Seminar are moving along. Most everyone has made plane reservations and Gloria has sent out most re-imbursement checks. A Washington Seminar meeting will take place on the 15th at 8pm.

We’ve been giving $500 to the Vision Summit. To get our name in the announcement we need to contribute $700. We could use marketing funds and mention Newsline in the ad.

Motion by Dwight to use marketing funds for Vision Summit announcement mentioning NFBF as Newslline providers. 2nd Gloria. All Approved.


Newsline billing transition between us and national with DBS is discussed. DBS will now be paying directly to the national office. As of right now, there is no contract with DBS and NFB, however, our contract with national is not yet finished. We are now three months behind and need some clarification as to how this transition is taking place.


Dan asks for new business.


Joe thanks Dwight for his service. He’s done a great job and has been a great leader to this affiliate and the blind community of Florida. Dwight and Joe will both be missed. Dwight mentions he did put out an e-mail emphasizing that being a board member is a real commitment. It takes up a lot of time, skill, and some of your own funds. It takes a lot of work; more than just attending meetings.

Dan thanks everyone for a great year. We don’t always agree, but this board has worked well together and he’s enjoyed this time with us. We’ve worked well together sharing responsibilities.

Meeting adjourned at 10:06pm


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