NFBF Board Meeting

November 3, 2013

This NFBF board meeting took place in Baltimore, MD, as part of the special Leadership Seminar. Because Lenora Marten was unable to attend, NFBF Board Member Nallym Bravo recorded the minutes.

8:00 AM Call to Order

Members Present: Dan Hicks, Dwight Sayer, Denise Valkema, Gloria Hicks, Nallym Bravo, Joe Minichiello, Peter Cerullo, Earl Oaks, Jonnie Slaton, Mark Riccobono


President Hicks called another board meeting for the month of November since there were no regular reports for this one. November 10 at 8:00 PM was selected. The board agreed to go over Mr. Riccobono’s feedback and come up with some resolutions.


The first item was the Bell Program.

Locations and philosophies were discussed. Appointing a committee to oversee the other parameters was suggested. Peter and Joe were suggested as chairs for this committee and Nallym to serve on it as well. Sherry Brunn was also mentioned as a possible committee member.

Dwight moved that the affiliate have a Bell Program and support the committee in executing it.

Peter seconded

Motion Passed


The NFBF Scholarship Program

Applications for this year are already out and cannot be amended at this point.

Ensuring that what happens in the committee meeting stays confidential is a top priority.

There are going to be 3 scholarships.

Daytona and Miami have committed to funding scholarships.

Both the Broward and Polk chapters were suggested as possible funders.

Mr. Riccobono raised the suggestion of having dedicated fundraisers for scholarships as well as accepting donations from chapters and setting a minimum amount so that a chapter could name a scholarship.

Eliminating the minimum GPA requirement was mentioned, but the board was in favor of deciding that at a later time.


In Person Board Meetings

Florida has conducted in person board meetings before. They have been very effective.

They can bring chapters together.

The cost associated was mentioned.

It was suggested that local chapters can bring people to the meetings.

Memorial Day and Labor Day were suggested as possible dates.

Gloria motioned that the affiliate have one in person board meeting in addition to the ones it already has each year.

Peter Seconded.

Motioned passed.


What are NFBF’s Next Leadership Steps?

NFB Camp was successful in the past.

The Vision Summit was talked about. It would give us an opportunity to show how we are different from other organizations.

Tallahassee Seminars have been done in the past but people have not always committed.

There has to be a way to make people take ownership of it: A dedicated fundraiser or consequences for not following through were suggested.

An event like Tallahassee Seminar would make people “on fire” for the organization. It would be our own instead of an event the NFBF shared with other organizations.

It is something the board can do next year.

A half day of appointments was suggested for this year.

The Jacksonville and Tallahassee Chapters could team up to have an NFBF table at the Vision Summit.

The Legislative Committee was appointed to steer this project.


Future Leadership of the Affiliate

It was suggested to have more systematic training of leadership.

Written guides, information and mentoring were all discussed.

The Tallahassee chapter also has an information packet for members which explains what is expected of a member of the NFBF.

The Tampa chapter used to have written information about duties and responsibilities. More than the annual luncheons are needed to train future leaders of the organization.

Florida can reach out to other Affiliates to see what they do.

It was suggested to require that people running for office should have held membership in the organization for a certain amount of time so that they can understand how the organization works.



There is too much extraneous material on the Leader’s list. Dan expressed that the board should have more of a presence on both lists.

Dan agreed to write an email with listserv guidelines on the list.

It is important to remember that some of the personal communication on the NFBF list is part of the family aspect of the organization. The question was raised whether the president should be the list moderator.


Meeting Break 9:58 AM


10:25 AM Call to Order

Effective communication was discussed. It was suggested that emails include all board members.


National Convention

There are many tasks and programs the board is undertaking. It was suggested that taking a year off would give the affiliate a chance to focus on some of its other goals.

Dwight moved that the Florida Affiliate hosts the 2014 National Convention of the NFB.

Peter seconded.

It can be used as a money making opportunity for the state of Florida.

It would take a lot of work. A committee needs to be appointed, but it is an opportunity to reach new people. The affiliate can also reach out to other affiliates for help with hosting.

Motioned passed.


Joint Membership

Joe suggested holding a Presidents’ Committee meeting and holding chapters accountable.

Dan will draft a policy stating that joint membership is not permitted and bring it before the board.

Fixing this problem will also fix ACB members voting in NFBF elections and using NFBF funds to travel to State Convention.


NFB Newsline

It is important to bring the Committee together.

It is important to use NFB Newsline to grow the Federation. Talk about NFB when promoting Newsline.

Jonnie will bring material about NFB Newsline to the next DBS counselors’ meeting.

Changing the NFB Newsline Committee Chair was suggested.

Dan mentioned that the chair should be someone passionate and knowledgeable about NFB Newsline.

Mr. Riccobono suggested that the chair be someone knowledgeable and passionate about the federation.

It was mentioned that it has been hard to recruit marketers. Using marketers that are not NFB members is a leadership decision, but the NFBF should not compromise the Federation.

The NFBF has enough money to contract 10 marketers a month. This year there will be a seminar at State Convention about being an NFB Newsline marketer.


Minority Concerns Committee

It was suggested that the Board meet with the MCC.

The MCC’s goals were read aloud.

Dan asked if there were any questions about the committees current goals.

Joe mentioned the word choice “well-educated.” Board suggested changing it to “well-versed.”

Diversity training was then discussed. Many board members felt it would be a good idea.

Gloria suggested having a Diversity speaker as a part of General Session. Nallym suggested that the MCC host a diversity training workshop as part of their meeting.


Accessible MyFlorida webpages

Gloria mentioned that no one would sponsor that bill.

Filing complaints was mentioned as well as legal action.

Mark suggested coordinating Mehgan Sidhu. Dwight agreed to call her.


Meeting Adjourned 11:50 AM


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