NFBF State Board Meeting October 6th, 2013

Present: Dan Hicks, president; Dwight Sayer, 1st vice-president; Denise Valkema, 2nd vice-president; Lenora Marten, secretary; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Jim Ellsworth, board member; Nallym Bravo, board member; Peter Cerullo, board member; Joe Minichiello, board member


Motion by Joe to approve minutes as e-mailed. 2nd by Denise. All Approved.


Dan gives president’s report: He’s been working with the Deaf Blind Committee concerning their constitution. He will be comparing with the national Deaf Blind Division constitution. He will be sending the information out to the board. He would like to see this done before our state convention. Marilyn sent some recommendations concerning the Minority Concerns Committee. Dan has spoken with Robert Doyle, director DBS. The Newsline budget will be cut, but he’s not yet sure how much.


Gloria gives treasurer’s report: Our Newsline balance is $99,975.30. We pay $22,850 to national quarterly. All our newsline obligations are up to date at this point. Gloria suggests that we take an opportunity to speak with Mr. Doyle concerning Newsline. The Newsline marketing funds are discussed. Gloria informs we’re not spending that much money on marketing, maybe just $2,000 to $3,000 per month, so that’s why the Newsline balance is so high right now. Our investment accounts are also discussed. Gloria will send out current information to the board. Newsline marketing ideas and counting procedures are further discussed. We need to make sure everyone is being counted in order to provide accurate numbers for funding.

Motion by Joe to approve treasurer’s report. 2nd by Dwight. All Approved.

Denise gives legislative report: Washington Seminars are on January 27th, just a week after convention. Dan would like to see a member from each chapter as well as board members on the committee. The next legislative committee meeting will be on October 22nd.

The Minority Concerns Committee is discussed. As a committee, they should not have a treasurer or a bank account. Those monies will need to be turned over to the state so that Gloria can manage the funds. Gloria will attend the meeting next week.

Gloria reports on the events committee: The next events committee meeting will be on October 20th. She tried to encourage people to volunteer some hours concerning the convention and events leading up to it. There is a lot of work to be done and we want to encourage people to come. Items needed for sound were discussed. We need to get a new mixer and some equipment for our deaf-blind members. Dan informs the cost will only be slightly more than renting. Joe mentions that if we purchase, we need to have a system in place to keep track of the equipment.

Motion by Joe to spend up to $1,000 for audio equipment, whatever items we may need, as long as we have someone who is willing to take responsibility for the equipment. 2nd by Gloria. All Approved.

Peter thought our first meeting was productive. We have a very short period of time. He has concerns with scholarships, are we still having scholarships for this convention. He has already been contacting legislators and community representatives. He will report at the events committee.


Dan talks about the upcoming leadership seminar and who will be able to attend. He’s recommended Johnny Slayton and Earl Oaks to join us at the seminar.

Dan informs the events committee has recommended leaving the convention registration fees and banquet fees the same for this year. Last year it was $15 for pre-registration and $35 for pre-banquet. Gloria has spoken with hotel staff and they can work with our banquet price.


Motion by Joe that we keep the pre-registration and pre-banquet price the same as 2013 for the 2014 NFBF state convention. 2nd by Nallym. All Approved.


We discuss spending Newsline marketing funds on marketing for such as advertisements. We also discussed inappropriate language on the listserv. All board members need to monitor the list. Dan will send out a guideline reminder once a month or so, just to remind everyone of on-line etiquette.


Meeting adjourned at 10:07pm.


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