NFBF State Board Meeting December 2nd, 2012


Present: Dan Hicks, president; Dwight Sayer, vice-president; Denise Valkema, 2nd vice-president; Lenora Marten, secretary; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Holly Idler, board member; Joe Minichiello, board member; Jim Ellsworth, board member


Meeting called to order at 8:02pm


There are two corrections to the November minutes. Denise did not attend the meeting and Gloria should be referred to as ‘she’ instead of ‘he’. Motion by Joe to accepted minutes as e-mailed with corrections. 2nd by Dwight. All approved.


Gloria gives treasurer’s report: As of November 30, the operations account balance is $13,844.83 and the Newsline account balance is $33,069.27. Motion by Joe to accept treasurer’s report. 2nd by Jim. All approved.


Dan gives president’s report: Denise went the FAASB meeting and Dan has updated some things on the website. He’s still hearing about problems as DBS. One is that the lighthouses are doing a lot of the work that DBS is responsible for. We don’t want to see Good Will providing services to blind people. Dan and Gloria have booked their cabin for 2014 convention. He’s been trying to get in touch with Mark Mauer for a few weeks, but has not yet been able to connect. About 20% national staff has been reduced due to budget cuts. We’ve got a new Newsline survey that Holly and Sherri have been working on. We’re also working on the at-large chapter. We discussed chapters opting out of the current fundraiser and how that relates to and was affected by the 2014 CruiseVention.


Dan asks for committee and division reports:

Denise reports on the legislative committee. They discussed the DBS issues. They decided to keep their ears and eyes open as well as push for an increased budget for this next year.


Dwight reports on the cruise committee. The draft agenda is looking pretty good. They will be putting out a sneak preview so that people can see that they will have some fun as well as attend to business. Joe suggests we have Cheryl on the president’s committee meeting again to talk about the cruise. Larry can also talk about the next fundraiser.


We talked about the NFBF 50/50 Fast Cash Raffle and how it is progressing. Most everyone seems to be participating. Everything needs to be turned in to Gloria by December 15th.


People can start making reservations for the 2013 convention in St. Petersburg after the 1st of the year. Gloria suggests having an events committee meeting in January. We have a commitment to fill 85% of 325 room nights, which is 276 room nights that we have to sell or buy.


Concerning the 2014 convention, we need to get a positive message out there. There are some concerns, but we just need to answer questions and enable people to hear from other blind persons who have cruised.


Denise talks about the FAASB meeting. Prior to the meeting, she spoke with Paul Edwards outside and discussed Joyce Hildrith and the issue with the article. He did mention, according to Joyce, the articles were not true. There were people from Tama, Broward, Pinellas, Daytona, etc. The main conversation was concerned with the articles and the governor’s rebuttal to the articles. There was also concern that we will eventually end up being under one agency. Joyce is spending a lot of time dealing with disgruntled employees. The vision summit is going to be on February 7th. There will be a breakfast this time hoping to encourage interaction with legislators. Washington Seminar is February 5th, 6th, and 7th. Joe informs that Marita Winston of Jacksonville would be interested in attending Washington Seminars. She has previously attended with the Delaware affiliate and presents a positive image. We do not yet know if congress will be in session. Those on the rehab council will have to fly from Washington to Tallahassee. Gloria feels the first meeting would be on Thursday, so we would be able to attend meetings in Washington on Wednesday. Dwight reminds that DBS hasn’t received in increase in funds for the last ten years, so it’s really important for us to be in Tallahassee. We do not yet know what the issues are for the Washington Seminars. There may be one concerning veteran’s issues with air transportation.


Holly has been working on the at-large chapter. She’s talked to other states that have had these chapters. She’s come up with a letter to send out. She has spoken to some people that are no longer active members and there was some concern as to whether national or state would get the dues. Once the letter is sent out to the list and newsline, we will see what kind of response we get. Some, we can personally invite by phone. Dan agrees it’s a good time to get this information distributed. We should refer to it as the state wide chapter until they come up with a name of their own.


Motion by Gloria to send out at-large chapter letter. 2nd by Joe. All Approved.


We’ve seen a draft of the newsline survey and it looks good. Sherri has sent it out to the newsline committee and they decided that the shorter survey would be better. State convention would be a good time to hold the drawing. It would give time it to be sent out and sent back in. Plus, we don’t know exactly when the library will get them sent out.

Motion by Joe to go ahead with the Newsline Survey. 2nd by Gloria.  Holly suggests a deadline of April 15, with the drawing at the banquet in St. Pete. All approved.


Dan asks for unfinished business. Joe asks about the Brandon chapter. We need to find out if they are meeting or if they have dissolved.


Dan asks for new business: Jim reports that the Pinellas chapter never got any raffle tickets. He says that Debbie Hietela asked for them twice. Lenora informs that Larry sent them to her twice. We’ll have to check on the address. Jim says the treasurer, president, or Debbie didn’t get any tickets. Lenora asks if it would be better if Larry contacts Kim to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.


Joe asks who is going to Washington Seminar. Dwight, Denise, Lenora, Gloria, Dan, Joe, are able to attend. Marita, Leonardo, Jermesa, and Nallym may be able to attend. David Evans and Sherri Brun could be alternates. Gloria suggests we have a Washington Seminar teleconference in January.


Meeting adjourned at 9:53pm


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