NFBF State Board Meeting November 4th, 2012


Present: Dan Hicks, president; Dwight Sayer, 1st vice-president; Denise Valkema, 2nd vice-president; Lenora Marten, secretary; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Nallym Bravo, board member; Jim Ellsworth, board member; Joe Minichiello, board member; Holly Idler, board member


Meeting called to order 8:05pm


Motion by Gloria to accept minutes as e-mailed. 2nd by Jim. All Approved.


Gloria gives treasurer’s report: As of October 31st the operations account balance is $4,212.35 and the Newsline account balance is $46,710.37.


Dan gives president’s report: We had the rehab council meeting. Gloria was unable to attend. He’d like to hear from everyone concerning that later in the meeting. Everything else he needs to talk about is on the agenda.


Dan asks for committee and division reports.


Dwight reports on the cruise committee; Cheryl is still without power. Hopefully, she’ll have power by Monday or Tuesday. They did not suffer any serious damage. We will have a cruise committee meeting on Thursday night. We’ve started working on a cruise draft agenda.


Nallym gives FABS report: They just had their bowl-a-thon. They did make some money. It could have been better, hopefully now that they’ve done it, they will make more next time. They’ve put off their extravaganza to a later date. They’re still planning for Washington Seminar. They’re planning on sponsoring two people to go.


Dan asks about the FRCB meeting. We now have four NFBF board members on the committee. NFB is well represented. Joe would like to see more representation from our members at the public forum. It’s frustrating when we hear complaints on our lists and at board meetings and yet no one shows up at the public meetings for us to respond to. Holly mentions that those attending for their job are not supposed to say anything unless asked. Dwight states the meeting as a whole went well, we discussed some policy changes. Only one negative comment at the forum. The gentleman who commented actually had an issue with his family and not the center. He needs to be in control of his money. Lenora informs that she’s excited to be on the council. She only had two days’ notice and wasn’t up to speed with the info and issues that were being discussed. However, she’ll be able to participate more at the next meeting. Dwight reminds that during the public forum, there was plenty of time, and the council did ask some questions of the audience. Joe suggests that our NFBF legislative committee push for increased funding for DBS helping employees get raises. Dwight informs that the total appropriated budget is just $52 million and hasn’t been increased in years. As a comparison, the public library budget is $114 million. Of the $52 million, the state of Florida only contributes $14 million, and $8 mil of that has to go for match, so there’s really only $6 million left for babies, seniors, and everything else. Essentially, they can spend $6 million. The state of Florida contributes a paltry amount to DBS.


Dan informs that NFBF is now hosting the 2013 National Convention in Orlando. It’s not really clear why the three states backed out. However, we will step up to the plate and get the job done to the best of our ability.

Dan asks what kind of response we’ve gotten concerning the cruise. Dwight says his chapter is supportive. Same with Jacksonville. There are still some people that have some questions and concerns. Joe suggests a monthly president’s meeting during this process.

Dan asks for other unfinished business. Lenora reminds we need to work on the at-large chapter. Holly will make up a message for newsline. There is some interest so it’s just a matter of getting the word out.

Dwight asks about the lay-offs at national. They’ve shut down the affiliate action department and layed off 25 people. Dan will check with Dr. Mauer.


Nallym suggests we create a drop-box for the board. Jim agrees that drop-box works really well. It’s great for moving files back and forth. Nallym will have it set up for us in the next couple of weeks.


Meeting adjourned at 9:37pm


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