NFBF State Board Meeting June 10, 2012

Present: Dan Hicks, president; Dwight Sayer, 1st vice-president; Denise Valkema, 2nd vice-president; Lenora Marten, secretary; Gloria Hicks, treasurer; Jim Ellsworth, board member; Joe Minichiello, board member; Nallym Bravo, board member; Holly Idler, board member

Meeting called to order 8:03pm

Dan welcomes everyone and is looking forward to a great year ahead.

Motion to approve May 27, 2012 minutes as e-mailed by Joe Minichiello; 2nd by Jim Ellsworth. All Approved.

Gloria gives treasurer’s report: The operations account balance, as of May 31st, is $8784.83. The newsline account balance, as of May 31st, is $16,281.56. We had a very nice convention, but there were a lot of expenses. If you did not get the report via e-mail, please let Gloria know. It shows income and expenses for May.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read by Lenora Marten; 2nd by Denise Valkema. All Approved.

Dan gives president’s report: He again welcomes everyone to the board. We had a great convention. People who attended were glad they had a chance to be there. Utimately, that is our goal. We got some good feedback.

Dan asks for committee and division reports:

Lenora reports for FOPBC: They had a very successful convention. There were two new families who attended, one through the free room offered by NFBF. They both jumped right in and wanted to connect with their local chapter members. Unfortunately, there isn’t a local chapter for either of them. Our parent to parent panel went really well. Parents were given a lot of information and asked a lot of questions. The braille workshop really showed how our networking is paying off. We had kids, students, parents, blind adults, and seniors all in the same workshop.

Nallym reports for FABS: They had a really nice convention and they appreciate the support and cooperation from everyone. Their fundraiser make about $314 which they split with FOPBC. They are looking forward to making next year’s convention bigger and better. They have a very active board who want to focus on recruiting, advocacy projects, and fundraising. They want to send more members to Washington Seminar this year. Those are some of their goals. She gives a big thank you to the state for their support throughout the convention.

We discussed convention hotel issues. There were problems with the speakers which was very frustrating. There were parts of the hotel that seemed old and damaged. Many people noticed a musty smell. It appeared that there had been some water damage. While we were there, there was a leak in the atrium a short distance from the day care room. We did have some problems with the library getting the announcements out on time. They were changing their printing processes this year, so that may have been a factor. However, it would be nice if we could reach more people and increase our attendance next year. If we can find another way of contacting people, that would help connect them with chapters as well. We do have a facebook page, but people have to either know it’s there or look for it. A lot of chapters and divisions have facebook and web pages. If someone googles “Florida” and “Blind”, they will get a lot of information.

Dan takes a roll call of who is going to national convention in Dallas. Expenses are discussed.

Motion by Dwight to cover the same expenses as we have in the past; transportation, hotel, per diem, banquet, and registration. 2nd by Holly. All Approved.

Gloria reminds everyone to send her their flight information.

We discussed the bequest and how the amount due to national will be distributed. Our inheritance was $12,200 and $6, 100 is due NFB.

Motion by Dwight that we give the $6,100 per our charter and devide the money between White Cane, Imagination Fund, and Tenbrook fund. 2nd by Joe. All Approved.

Motion by Dwight to give $3500 to the Imagination Fund, $1500 to White Cane Fund, and $1100 to the Tenbrook Fund. 2nd by Joe. All Approved.

Dan appoints chapter, division, and committee liasons:


Brandon Chapter: Nallym Bravo

Broward Chapter: Denise Valkema

Greater Daytona Beach Chapter: Joe Minichiello

Gainesville Chapter: Dan Hicks

Hernando East Pasco Chapter: Gloria Hicks

Greater Jacksonville Chapter: Joe Minichiello

Miami Chapter: Denise Valkema

Martin County Chapter: Lenora Marten

Greater Orlando Chapter: Holly Idler

Palm Beach Chapter: Dwight Sayer


Events Committee: Gloria Hicks

Fundraising Committee: Lenora Marten

Newsline Committee: Jim Ellsworth

Legislative Committee: Denise Valkema


FLAGDU: Denise Valkema

FOPBC: Lenora Marten

FABS: Nallym Bravo

Deaf Blind Committee: Dan Hicks

Minority Concerns Committee: Joe Minichiello


Dan asks for old business.

Motion by Joe to adjourn meeting. 2nd by Dwight. All Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:37pm.





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