NFBF Board Meeting May 6, 2012


Present: Dan Hicks, President

                Dwight Sayer, Vice-President

                Denise Valkema, 2nd Vice-President

                Lenora Marten, Secretary

                Gloria Hicks, Treasurer

                Carlos Montas, Board Member

                Jim Ellsworth, Board Member

                Kim Morris, Board Member


Meeting called to order 8:02pm


There are no additions or corrections to the minutes of April 1st, 2012.


Motion by Denise to accept minutes as e-mailed. 2nd by Dwight. All Approved.


Gloria gives treasurer’s report: Operations account balance is $21,343.04 and the newsline account balance is $17,877.06. Another $2,500.00 was sent to the hotel and they now have $5,000.00 towards food for the convention. We’ve received $1,500.00 from vendors; 4 for profit; 2 not for profit; and 1 dog school. We’ve received approx. $3,500 in banquet money.


Motion by Denise to accept treasurer’s report as given. 2nd by Lenora. All Approved.


Checks should not be sent after May 21st. If they are sent after that, they will not be received before the convention.


Dan gives President’s Report: He and Gloria have been getting calls daily from people wanting information. When people express an interest in a local chapter, he gives them that information. It seems that it’s taking longer for people to get the flyers this year. We’re getting a good response and it looks like we’ll have a good convention. The Rehab council met the week of the 19th and then we had the special meeting about newsline. The meeting didn’t last very long, and everyone present was in support of newsline. The scholarship committee meeting is this next Tuesday. There are eleven applicants. It’s always tough to make decisions, because they’re all good applicants. It’s been difficult getting exhibitors for convention this year. We’ve been really busy getting ready for convention.


Dan asks for committee reports.


Dan asks for division reports.


Lenora reports that the students at FAU will be volunteering in the day care. Larry is sending out raffle tickets to parents. The workshops have been planned. Everything is moving along nicely.


Carlos reports on scholarship committee: He’s sought the assistance of Ronnie Silverman, who is the director with the Center for the Visually Impaired concerning the certificates. There are eleven applications. The information has been sent to all committee members.


Gloria reports on the Events Committee: Our last meeting was on April 22nd. David Evans has a high school band for Memorial Day. He’s been getting people to present a proclamation. Donna Evans has connected with local girl scouts who will be out to help. Leonardo is working with UPS who also will be helping out. These people will be very helpful, but we need to orient them and let them know what we need. We still do not know if we have Ted Deutsch or another legislator for a speaker on Sunday. Everything else seems to be in place. David Beardon did have a heart attack, but he is still planning on coming to convention. He will be the DJ Saturday night. We have all the break-out sessions in place. We’re still waiting on some information from the student division. Basically, all meetings, divisions are all in place. FLAGDU is having a speaker from the TSA who will talk about how they deal with the disabled concerning searches, etc. The students will have a pajama party after the auction. Tom Ryan will be talking to the Senior Concerns about personal financial safety.


There is a lengthy discussion concerning sound and sound equipment for convention.


NFBF State Board positions up for election are 1st Vice-President, Treasurer, 2nd and 4th board positions.

Dan asks for unfinished business. The final agenda was discussed as well as the ATM project.


Dan asks for new business. He thanks everyone for attending the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.



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