NFBF Board Meeting April 1, 2012


Present: Dan Hicks, President

                Dwight Sayer, 1st Vice-President

                Denise Valkema, 2nd Vice-President

                Lenora Marten, Secretary

                Gloria Hicks, Treasurer

                Jim Ellsworth, Board Member

                Kim Morris, Board Member

                Carlos Montas, Board Member


Call to order 8:14pm


Motion by Denise to accept minutes as e-mailed. 2nd by Jim. All Approved.


Gloria gives treasurer’s report: She will be sending out February and March Profit and Loss as soon as March is available. The March 31st ending balance for our operations account is $20,275.18, and the newsline balance is $38,359.40. Most chapters and divisions have sent in their dues and financial reports. We have a few left, but some do not communicate with computers, so we are making every effort to communicate with them. We need to call a budget meeting with the state officers before the next board meeting. We’ve spent less on the Summit and Washington Seminar than we did last year, so we’ve done well with the budget so far.


Motion by Lenora to accept treasurer’s report as given. 2nd by Kim. All Approved.


Dan gives President’s report: The convention announcements are going out. The library will send out the announcements starting with the zip codes that are closest to the convention location. Everyone should have them by April 15th. The Braille agendas will be done by Braille International. They are printing about 35 copies. He’s been doing scholarship interviews. There’ve been some questions about DBS not funding Newsline. He’s talked to Joyce and DBS will continue to fund Newsline. However, as always, if they get their budget cut, things may change. The current Newsline budget is $150,000. We just sent out the Newsline agreement and you all should have received copies. There aren’t any changes except we’re paying a little less. After the next Rehab Council meeting, there’s a general meeting that DBS has for the general public to come and express concerns. They will be talking about Newsline, using it to promote the service and find out what content people that are using the service would like to have on it. It will be at the Embassy Suites, Jamaica Courts location in Orlando. Members should try to go to the meeting. Exploring optional Newsline funding, perhaps from Lion’s Club, is discussed. There is a new radio show coming out; Blind Matters by Mike Golder. The show is an hour long and will air every week on Saturday at 3pm via WEUS AM Orlando. People can call in and talk about issues and promote activities like our convention. That concludes the president’s report.


Jim reports on the Fundraising Committee: The raffle tickets are being sent out. It’s being called the MAC Daddy raffle. We are raffling off a MAC Book Air and an iPad 3 which will give us two drawings.  If the winners don’t want the items, they may choose cash. The raffle tickets are $5 each. Discounts for multiple ticket purchases are discussed; however, this cannot be done because the tickets have already been printed with the single ticket price. The drawings will be held at national convention. The items will not be purchased until the winners decide. If they choose the cash, we’ll save a little on the MAC book Air. The cash prizes are $1000 or $500.


Gloria reports on the Events Committee: They met on March 18. We heard from David, who is working on getting help for child care, clergymen etc. He spoke to the Tour and Visitors Bureau and we are getting $1000 donated. It will go directly to the hotel and come off our bill. The $1000 will be applied to food. If we don’t need it for food, we can apply it to rooms. David is developing the idea of the 60’s for the auction and party. It will be called “The Swinging 60’s, Twist and Shout!”. The Agenda Committee also met. We have eight break-out sessions right now. The technology seminars will be on Apple products and Social Networking. This year, they have free wi-fi at the hotel, so that won’t be a problem. NFBF Board Members should try to attend the Events Committee meeting.


Carlos reports on Scholarship Committee: They have only received two applications so far. They will probably receive more right before the deadline. We’re reminding folks to send it out to their students and encourage them to apply. April 15th is the deadline.


Lenora reports on the FOPBC: They had a Bowl-a-Thon on March 18 and made about $1600 after expenses. They’re working with Carolyn Lapp of the Florida Outreach Center for the Blind and David and Donna are helping with finding daycare volunteers. They’ve planned a parent panel workshop and writing with your Braille writer. We are planning a cane walk lunch. Things are really coming together.


Candidates for the new fundraising chair are discussed.


Gloria talks about the talking book reader. She received a call last Tuesday from Bruce Huntey. Unfortunately, he regrets that he is unable to come to our convention due to other obligations. Joe Wilson and Jack Fox have been mentioned and are being considered.  Gloria will check with them and see if they are available.


There are chapters that want help coming to convention. Some chapters don’t make a lot of money. We discuss different ways to help chapters in the most economical way. We have to fulfill a certain number of rooms, so helping with rooms would benefit the chapters as well as the state. It is suggested that if NFBF pays for rooms, the people should stay for entire convention, be present at roll call Saturday morning, attend the banquet, and the NFBF business meeting on Monday morning.


Motion by Dwight that we provide one room for three nights to each chapter and division with the understanding that recipients will be present at roll call Saturday morning, attend the banquet, and attend the NFBF business meeting Monday morning.  2nd by 2nd by Denise. All Approved.


Lenora reports that she now has admin rights to the state facebook page, so we can start posting info, chapter happenings and events, plus convention information. It will be beneficial to chapters, especially if they have someone in their chapter who has some knowledge of facebook to post notices, events or photos for their chapter.


Carlos talks about the issue with the new coke machine accessibility. He spoke with a manager and he said it was a manufacturing issue. Holly is currently writing a resolution concerning this matter.

Dan talks about the ATM project. National wants us to explore and report on accessibility issues on several ATM machines located throughout Florida. The list of machines and locations will be e-mailed.


Everyone is encouraged to attend the President’s Club and Events Committee meetings. Even if we are not a chapter president, it is important that as we are NFBF board members, we attend these meetings.


Dan asks for final comments.


Meeting adjourned at 9:54pm


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