National Federation of the Blind

Board Meeting Minutes

July 29, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 8:07 PM.

Present were:

Kathy Davis - President

Dwight Sayer - First Vice President

Dan Hicks - Second Vice President

Sherri Brun - Secretary

Gloria Hicks - Treasurer

Sabrina Deaton - Board Member

Betty McNally - Board Member

Joe Minichiello - Board Member

Sherrill O'Brien - Board Member.

The minutes were approved as corrected. Sherri Brun encouraged board members to get corrections to her via e-mail before the meeting so that time is not taken up during the meeting explaining corrections to be made.

The treasure's report was given.  Gloria explained the way the reports are organized.  Investment fund: One year ago 138,950.74 and currently 145,281.59. The operating account June 1st: 40,623.46. June 30 22,023.44. Money spent in June is $850 per person to go to convention. Three chapters requested grants of $300 each. Last year, we had $18,408.80.

The Newsline account has $20,793.80. At the end $13,113.08. A year ago $50,570.85. We are missing the money from DBS. We are supposed to receive it tis week. Gloria asked for $29,300. The check from Baltimore , we owed $20,000 for the papers and other national uses. NFB returned a check for $9,000. National has not sent anything other than paperwork that shows that the $20,000 was paid. Sabrina said that they had decided to keep the funds and return the balance to us. Dwight said we need to be registered in both My Florida and Aware system. Every chapter should have their own FIN Federal identification number). •Gloria needs to send each chapter a letter with instructions on how to get our own federal ID number for banking purposes only. She can also send chapters copies of our sales tax exemption certificate. As per insurance, we have to ask for it per each event. Charlie Brown is now handling the business of working with the state treasurers. The treasurer's report was approved as read.

The national leadership seminar was discussed. Kathy said she will recommend those who have not attended to go to one.

The sudden death of rick Brown's mother was discussed. We should send flowers to the service in the Tampa area, which will take place next Saturday. Members in the area should be encouraged to attend the service.

Committee chairs and board liaisons was discussed. Kathy said she will keep us informed. The budget committee will consist of Kathy Davis, Dan Hicks, Dwight Sayer and Gloria Hicks. Each committee should get an idea of its budget and send it to Gloria, which she should in turn send to each member of the budget committee. Merry Schoch and Gloria are going to co-chair events committee. Merry cannot attend either the Tallahassee or Washington legislative events. •Sherri Brun along with Kathy Davis will help maintain a list of committees and those desiring to serve on them. Membership and chapter building will be a combined committee chaired by Dwight Sayer. Sabrina Deaton will chair Newsline. •Joe would like to work on Newsline® committee. Legislation will be co-chaired by Betty McNally and Dwight Sayer. •Gloria would like to remain on that committee. Rick Brown will chair the scholarship committee. Marion will head the focus committee and Sherrill will work with him as the board liaison on the focus. Sabrina Deaton will chair publicity and public relations. Fund-raising will be co-chaired between Marion Gwizdala and Sherrill O'Brien. Kathy will chair chapter presidents and Sherri will serve as secretary for that committee. Dan Hicks will chair website and list serve as well as resolutions. Joe Minichiello will chair voting concerns. Florida will not have a certified paper trail machine, so we will have the same accessible voting for 2008. Betty mentioned that only the blind will be using the audible machine. Joe Minichiello will also chair senior concerns committee. Gina will head the PAC committee. Betty will lead the Sun committee. Sherrill O'Brien will still chair Imagination. Sherri will be the liaison for FLAGDU. Kathy will be liaison for parents and students. Gloria will be board liaison for Merchants. There is no liaison for the deaf-blind division. Gloria mentioned that the Florida deaf-blind association has just become a 501-(c3) group.

Sabrina wondered if she could sit in on issues of committees pertinent to PR, such as legislation? Kathy recommended she be a member of that committee.

Kathy said that we need to be thinking of bids for 2008 convention. Still has no bids. Gloria sent contract from Wyndham and notes RE changes. She will also send the revised guidelines. Also make sure we can sell items from chapters such as water. We should also get bids ahead of time so we know years in advance. More than one chapter can sponsor a convention. Gloria will also send out the guidelines for hosting a convention again.

Grant committees were discussed. Need to keep the budget in mind when considering funds allocated for these grants. The parents need to work collectively to grow their division. Parents need to be involved with this as well. Sherrill will chair Parents' committee grant.  Gloria talked to the Wingate RE rooms for Tallahassee . Would like to have us the third week of March. He quoted us $109 instead of $99. Dwight will work with convention bureau for room rates and hotels. Dwight will have them get us a list and Gloria will negotiate. Do not want to come in same time as other disability groups. •Kathy needs to check when she has spring break.

Betty discussed our involvement in SUN. We only have one chapter and two people contributing. Chapter's can make one-time donation. •Betty will send out appeal on the list. Kathy advised Betty send it out mid-week before the third Saturday in August.

The cruise was discussed. Kirk is lessening his activity regarding the cruise. Kathy encouraged us to send out the glossy pamphlets to Allen Bornstein. Dwight and Sherri will serve on the fundraising committee. The fundraising committee should try to meet after next weekend. •Sherri Brun will have Ralph Ingram send glossy pamphlets to each chapter president. Chapters should pay attention to civic activities where the cruise could be discussed. We can also market the cruise at our meet-the-blind month activities.

We need to work with the library in Manatee County . We need to urge them to stay open. It is thought that the Tampa subregional will close in October of 2008. In the Manatee situation, we need to talk with Mike and check out the situation. Dwight should also ask about mail-outs for chapter building. Dwight will call Mike and find details. Betty's chapter made a plaque for the library and talking books in Miami thanking them for their service.

It was suggested that we need to organize a Leadership retreat for NFBF. We also need to build chapters. There are interested people in Brevard, in St. Augustine and in O'Calla. There is someone in St. Augustine definitely interested in forming a chapter.

Sabrina asked how we feel about the school for the blind in St. Augustine ? We feel the school fills a definite need in Florida and we would like to cultivate a better relationship with them. Newsline does not necessarily need to be combined with chapter building. They could be two separate processes. Dwight needs to find out if Mike Gunde is still willing to send out mailers for membership.

Marketing the cruise was again briefly discussed. It was suggested that the cruise could be marketed to homeowners associations and retirement communities. Sherrill O'Brien mentioned that she has a contact with a pastor who works with a retirement community. She will check with him. We can also market the cruise at outreach activities. •Kathy will get a message regarding the cruise out to the NFB presidents list. Kathy said that we don't have to limit ourselves just to the cruise in regards to fundraising.

NAC accreditation of Florida agencies was discussed. We should find out what other states are doing in regards to accreditation of their agencies.

The meeting adjourned at 10:40 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted:

Sherri Brun, Secretary

National Federation of the Blind of Florida


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