National Federation of the Blind of Florida

Board Meeting Minutes for August 20, 2006




Meeting was called to order at 8:09 PM.

Present were:

Kathy Davis - President

Dwight Sayer - First Vice President

Dan Hicks - Second Vice President

Sherri Brun - Secretary

Tom Hartig - Treasurer

Gloria Hicks - Board Member

Betty McNally - Board Member

Joe Minichiello - Board Member

Sherrill O'Brien - Board Member.



The minutes for 07/04 were read and approved as corrected. The minutes for June 12 were accepted as read.


Tom Hartig gave the treasurer's report. The report from July was used as an end to the fiscal year. We had a loss for the month of $101. Our assets that we have title to as of that month came to $167,480 plus change. With surplus left over from Newsline. $217,250. These are in uncommitted grant funds. We have 49,800 in surplus from the year that Tom attained from Newsline. These are for legitimate expenses. Use as start-up money for first quarter and transfer to Newsline if needed. We came up with around $60,000 for the year. Sent reconciliation from parents' program and convention for the year. Pointed out highlights of this. We raised $1780 at the auction. Exhibitors 55% of goal, $715. Registration was 160% of our goal. Had budgeted $7000 from reg. Had 11,262. Scholarship income was much higher, but so were expenses, because two scholarships were added. We made 95% of what we had budgeted. We budgeted $4,500 for income and took in $7160. We took in 159% of what we had budgeted. We budgeted expenditures of $6000 and our actual scholarship expenditures were $9,557, 150 of what we had budgeted. We spent $2397.15 more than we took in on scholarships. The other two major expenditures were Tallahassee and Washington and came in in the 80% are of what was budgeted. Teleconference bills were at 305% of what we budgeted. We spent $274 and budgeted $90. Sherri will look into site for free teleconferences. We budgeted a deficit of $8.866. Actual bottom line for year was surplus of $2,487.39. Gave quick overview of state convention. Income 1,780. Income over expenditures was $701. Other income was $1,857, primarily registration money that we received from the parents' group for those who paid money to come to convention. Registration income over expenditures #11,262. Scholarship was deficit of ______. Chapter grants $3400. General $13,717. Travel and other: $387.00. Budgeted a deficit of $12,800. Actual deficit $4,301. Parents division: Debbie paid herself back from cash taken in from registration. We raised $12,200 for parents' division. Expended $6,100. Going into the new year we have a plus of $6100. This is money available for this year for the parents' seminar in restricted funds. 4900 from Imagine, $3500 from DBS, Some income from Christmas bags. $300 that we had budgeted went towards parents' telephone calls. The budget committee has been given these documents. Willing to stand with what we have and go through budget next Sunday. The treasurer's report is accepted as read.


Kathy gave the presidents' report. Dealing with lots of inquiries about KNFB reader. People seem to be moving to Florida. People seem to be moving to Ocalla area, Sarasota and Palm Beach area. Has been working on committee assignments. Membership committee and chapter building committee is now one committee. Gina wants to serve on chapter building and membership. Have chair of committees call to make sure people want to serve. Write to Kathy and let her know if there are chapter members who could serve on various committees. Gloria's e-mail comes to all her e-mail addresses. Joann has asked Kathy to write an article on delegating responsibilities. Kathy was very impressed with hotel where we are having the next state convention. Merry is checking out other activities that the parents' division can have incorporated into their convention experience. We are in the midst of writing the parents' Imagination grant. Debby is a mentor and a mentee on the national level. Imagination grant is up to $5000. Craig Kiser is more difficult to contact during the last few months since his wife's passing. Tom says if we receive $4,000 from grant and fund-raising is done, expenses can be covered. Need to build on this proposal with Debbie. Suggested that Tom, Debby and Kathy talk tomorrow night after 8:30. Joann is happy and impressed with our convention last year.


Old business was discussed. Tom says the reason he can't reconcile the raffle tickets, there are five checks that have been deposited for money to the sate for the sale of raffle tickets. Betty said she would send message again. List Katie kept was inadvertently lost. Wants to make sure all chapters are accounted for so they have credit.


In new business establishment of budget for 2006-2007 was discussed. The budget committee will meet next Sunday. The Quiet Cars seminar was discussed. It was decided that David will attend if we can help him out with transportation and meals. If he can stay at national center, allow budget of $400 for expenses. Gloria attended transportation conference and listened to the new quiet cars and said that you really can't hear them coming. Betty rode in a hybrid vehicle and said that she could not hear a sound when she was riding in the vehicle. City of Miami has just authorized the purchase of 1000 units. Gloria said the only sound she could hear when the car was sitting still was the air conditioner. Cheryl suggested contacting her cousin, the head of traffic engineering in Dallas, who is concerned about this issue to see if he will work with us. Need to be concerned with APS's and change the intersection rather than change the cars. Have hand-held sensor that would vibrate to let us know hybrid cars are coming.


Dwight discussed shared fund-raiser between blind services, Lighthouse Central Florida and also NFBCF. Dwight suggested we could get Erik for fund-raising function. Wondered if we could get better deal for Erik to come. Have the three of us be the drawing card. Kathy will touch base with Dr. Maurer to see if Erik and the movie could come for a reasonable cost. This would take place at the end of March. The motion was made and passed that we check with Mr. Maurer to see if there is a way to get him there at a reduced price.


Fund-raising was discussed. They should get together the second week in September. Something that would be associated with Florida that we could sell year after year. Suggest products with oranges. Combine cruse packages and convention.


Airline restrictions were discussed.


The meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM.


Respectfully Submitted:

Sherri Brun, Secretary

National Federation of the Blind of Florida