National Federation of the Blind of Florida, Inc.

Board of Directorsí Meeting

May 1, 2006


The meeting of the National Federation of the Blind of Florida Board of Directors was called to order by President Kathy Davis at 8:10 PM.


Roll Call - Merry Schoch

President, Kathy Davis

First Vice President, Dwight Sayer

Second Vice President, Dan Hicks

Treasurer, Tom Hartig

Secretary, Merry Schoch

Board Members:Betty McNally, Gloria Mills Hicks, Joe Minichiello,

and JD Townsend

Guest in attendance:Debby Brackett


Treasurer's Report and status of convention registration - Tom Hartig

Tom stated there were changes in the March 31st asset statement such as securities increased $30,000, andNewsline decreased by the same amount.The money was placed in a Certificate of Deposit for one year with an interest rate of approximately 5 percent.

Currently, there is $36,000 in Newsline reserves which Tom will spend approximately $52,000 before the end of the fiscal year.He will then submit invoices for reimbursement from the State.

He reported there will be a transfer of $7,000 from the Newsline account to the NFBFís account for reimbursement for operating costs of Newsline.Total assets for the month are $218,000.

Tom reported there are 82 participants registered for state convention.

Gloria moved the Treasurerís report be accepted; Betty seconded, motion carried.

Parents Seminar Update - Debby Brackett

††††††††† Debby Brackett reported she feels that everything is going well with the Parentsí Seminar.She stated there are great speakers coming in to participate in the seminar.

††††††††† Currently, there are ten families registered to attend.Debby will be getting with Tom Hartig after May 2nd to give him the amount of scholarships needed for hotel accommodations.

††††††††† Betty asked if the college scholarship recipients who have children have been made aware of the Parentsí Seminar.Kathy stated she will contact Rick Brown who will contact them with this information.


Events Committee Report - Gloria Hicks

Gloria stated she was pleased with the results of the Events committee meeting.There are a few issues that still need to be resolved.

Betty informed the board of the recruiting of volunteers and their training for helping participants become oriented to the facility.Kathy asked Betty to submit to her a copy of the schedule of volunteers.

††††††††† Gloria is negotiating with the hotel in regards to box lunches.She will have more information by May 2nd and will send an e-mail to the Board with the details.

††††††††† Gloria stated that Vandelon Holland is coordinating child care arrangements.Kathy stated she would like a schedule of child care workers.Debby stated there is a charge for child care, but they are trying to keep it at a minimum.


Host Chapter Report - Dwight Sayer 

Gloria inquired about a hotel walk through before the convention begins.After discussion of the matter it was decided that†† Gloria will make arrangements with the hotel for a walk through on Friday morning.

††††††††† Dwight reported his chapter reviewed their task list and they are concerned with the non-responsiveness of the vendors.

††††††††† He stated if anyone needs anything taken to the hotel, to ship the item(s) to him and he will make sure it is delivered to the hotel.


Board members needed to call chapter presidents to encourage participation on part of their members - Kathy Davis

Kathy stated she sent a note to all chapter presidents to encourage them to get their membership to convention.She stated we all need to market this convention because she is quite concerned that the registration numbers are low.


Transportation to and from hotel for special guests - Tom Hartig

After discussion on how to handle the cab fare for the special guest speakers and our national representative, it was decided that they should submit their receipts to Tom Hartig and he will reimburse them.


Sound system Concerns - Dwight Sayer

Dan stated that for past conventions there was a back up plan concerning the sound if the affiliate was not using the hotelís system.The arrangement was should there be any problems with the sound that the state affiliate was providing then they would be able to use the hotelís sound system.†† Having this backup system did not cost the affiliate any monies unless the hotelís system was activated.Tom will make these arrangements with the hotel.

There has been some research for purchasing smaller systems for the seminars.Tom will do some further research and then decide what type of system to purchase.


NFBF paying up front for students to be reimbursed by DBS?  

Kathy stated that Craig Kiser was supportive of extending scholarships for individuals to convention who have never attended.Currently, Tom Hartig does not have any registrations of DBS scholarship recipients.Since DBS is nearing their fiscal close it may be that they do not have the monies to give to the recipients before the convention.

Kathy will contact Craig and offer that the NFBF provide the scholarships with the understanding that DBS will reimburse the affiliate.


Convention Check List Ė Gloria Hicks

††††††††† Gloria went over the check list and most of the items have been or are in the process of being taken care of.A few loose ends were discussed such as the production of the agenda.Dan will post to the web site, Tom will handle the print version, and the Talking Book Library will take care of the braille version.Kathy, Dwight, and Tom will speak with Mike Gundy about the Talking Book Library reproducing the cassette tapes once Dan has recorded the master copy.

††††††††† Gloria stated we needed to discuss how the head table would be arranged for the banquet.Kathy stated the major priority is that it is safe.Gloria remarked this will be taken care of during the walk through.

††††††††† Kathy will contact Rick Brown regarding thepurchase of the plaques for the student scholarship winners.She will also tell him to contact the chapter presidentsto let them know who the recipient is for their scholarship.

††††††††† Kathy asked Gloria to Chair the Nominating Committee.Tom Hartig will handle the purchase of the color index cards for the elections, and Kathy will produce the agenda for the Presidentís meeting.

††††††††† Joe moved to accept the agenda, Gloria seconded.Betty asked that the Parentís luncheon be moved to the tower (Pelican room) on Saturday, and to make this change in the agenda as well.Gloria will call the hotel and arrange this change.

Motion carried..


Adjourn 10:13 p.m.