National Federation of the Blind of Florida, Inc.

Board of Directors’ Meeting

               September 18, 2005


The Board of Directors teleconference meeting of the NFBF was called to order by President Kathy Davis at 8:13 p.m.


There was no official roll call but board members present were as follows:

President: Kathy Davis

First Vice President, Dwight Sayer

Second Vice President, Dan Hicks

Treasurer, Tom Hartig

Secretary, Merry Schoch

Board Members:  Betty McNally, Gloria Mills Hicks, Joe Minichiello, and JD Townsend


Kathy called for the acceptance of the minutes of August 23, 2005.  Gloria moved to accept, Dwight seconded, so moved.


Treasure’s Report submitted by Tom Hartig

Tom stated he did not have a formal report due to the delay in receiving the bank statements; he will send a report to board members early this week.  He reported he sent a check to Pam Allen in the amount of $2000. 


Old Business


Leadership Retreat

Kathy asked Tom for a financial report in regards to the retreat.  Tom reported the expenditures were approximately $2700; which is approximately $250 under budget. 


Tom is compiling a report with evaluation results.  The preliminary overview of what is being sent in by attendees is that this was a very good program.  Tom will report the final results after receiving back all the evaluations. 


2006 State Convention - Hotel Bids

The Board discussed the differences between the Rosen Centre and the Holiday Inn Resort regarding room rates, taxes, menus, outside restaurant accessibility, banquet expenses, box lunches, sound equipment, break out room availability, vendor expenses, telecommunication expenses and other related convention issues.    


The Board discussed not having the reception and to just have the cash bar at the auction.          No final decision was made.


Joe made a motion to accept the Holiday Inn Resort as the site for the 2006 State Convention of the NFBF.  Before a second there was discussion and the motion was withdrawn.


Gloria moved that we express our interest to the Rosen but their needs to be more negotiating before signing the contract and if not settled by Thursday, September 22, 2005 with the Rosen then we will contract with the Holiday Inn Resort.  Dwight seconded.   Motion did not carry by the vote.


Joe moved we accept the Holiday Inn Resort contract as the site for the 2006 State Convention of the NFBF with some negotiation.    Tom seconded.   Tom had a list of conditions that he will present for negotiation to the Holiday Inn Resort.  Motion carried.


New Business


NFBF Chapters

Kathy and the Board discussed internal issues that some chapters are experiencing.   The Board will offer guidance and support to any chapter, but at present the Board has decided not to interfere with internal chapter affairs unless there is no other recourse. 


Committee/Division Minutes

Kathy stated she believes it is important for committees and divisions to share their minutes with the Board.   There was no further discussion or a vote on this matter.


Teleconference Calls

There was discussion between Dan and Kathy in regards to the Greater Daytona Beach Chapter using the teleconference service and reimbursing the state.   


Dan and Tom arranged some procedural changes where Dan will set up the teleconference calls and Tom will receive directly from the company the invoices and will pay them with the Affiliate’s debit card.


Chapter Building

Kathy stated at our next Board meeting we will discuss the organization of a new chapter.


Meeting Adjourned @ 10:30 p.m.


Respectively submitted by Merry C. Schoch