NFBF Board Meeting

                                    August 1, 2004

The meeting was called to order by President Dan Hicks at approximately 8
p.m.  Present were:  Vice-President Kathy Davis; Second Vice-President J. D.
Townsend, Secretary Carol Feazell, Treasurer Tom Hartig, Board Member Joe
Minichiello, Board Member Gloria Hicks and Board Member Betty McNally.
President Dan, of course, was also present and presiding.  Dwight was absent
at the beginning of the meeting but would perhaps join us later (though
actually never was able).

Kathy Moved, Betty seconded the approval of the minutes of the previous
meeting; the motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer's report:  Tom sent us lots of stuff.  A summarization was that we
actually came in fairly close to our total budget.  However, we did spend
$41,700 more than we brought in for the year.  The major problems last year
in terms of that were National Convention chapter grants.  We had budgeted
$6300; we spent $12,100.  Even after paying the chapters and after paying
the prize, we made about $1000 on the raffle this year.  Over $3000 went
back to the chapters, a positive.  Newsline is right on target.  Newsline
does have some cash flow issues but should get resolved.  Tom sent a couple
of asset statements.  We spent from our asset base $142,400.  Our total
assets at this period of time are $152,000, last year were $294,000.  J. D.
moved, Kathy seconded and the motion carried to approve the treasurer's
report; the motion carried unanimously.  There is concern about how quickly
we are spending versus what is coming in.  The Planned Giving Brochures have
been sent out this very day.  They were mailed bulk, presorted.  Tom had to
write a personal check to cover postage as our checks do not have an
address, which was a request for us to resolve.  Tom does get all the
financial things coming to him at his home.  Tom estimates maybe $500
mailing cost.  Tom will have a complete report of this at the next meeting
as all of the bills will be in.  It is hoped that this will be an annual
thing.  Gloria believes that our sales tax exemption is due to be up
shortly; it is due every 5 years.  Gloria explained that a copy of the 990
had to be sent and that Gloria would get an E mail out tomorrow.  Dan sent a
constitution on to Carol for Tom as part of postal documentation that he
needed; Carol has signed and returned it.

Fundraising:  Our land for sale is just about to close.  We are being
offered $9500 for this including paying the taxes.

Committee appointments:  The budget committee is not yet set up.  Dan and
Tom and Gloria and J. D. will be on.  Dan wants a new committee:  this would
be client advocacy, people  that call and have problems mostly with
discrimination or other similar types of problems.  Wayne has actually done
some of this.  Betty would volunteer for this, having done some of this in
other places.  J. D. would like to be on.  One person from each chapter
could be asked, the president or the vice-president, perhaps.  Tom moved, J.
D. seconded a motion to follow President Dan's suggestion about the new
committee; the motion carried unanimously.  Joe, a new board member, was
asked about the PR committee; Joe felt that he did have strength there.  Joe
agreed to cochair that committee.  Committees must set goals.  We do have an
exhibit hall committee, a subcommittee of the fundraising committee.  Dan
would like Dwight on that committee to help gather information.  David can
help, too, and J. D.  Betty has information from National to be helpful for

Associates is no more as a fund source.  Planned Giving would be a
subcommittee of fundraising.  One of our members who still has many contacts
from her numerous very active years of collecting associates will be asked
about coming on to this committee.  Tom could be her liaison.  She does not
have a computer but does have the contacts.  We need a chair of the
fundraising committee, this requiring a special talent.  Dwight wants to
step down from that committee though he did do an excellent job this past
year.  Dan is still ironing out committee personnel.

Newsline report:  We are getting the last $8000 or so from the grant.  Tom
had to return $3000 of the $60,000 because of a counting error.  There have
been some minor phone glitches with persons thinking that they were calling
locally and the phone company disagreeing with them.  There is one example
in Florida where a lady was reassured that she was calling a local number
when in fact her husband had changed phone companies without her realizing
it, causing a phone bill in excess of $200.  There may be others in the same
situation.  J. D. moved, Kathy seconded and the motion carried to take this
matter under advisement and to serve as a warning for others to be watchful
and knowledgeable of exactly who their phone company is and what their long
distance policies are.  The motion carried unanimously.  Tom wants to get
the Newsline committee meeting up and running very soon.  There is news on
the Daytona Beach paper.  Tom was actually contacted by the managing editor.
Daytona will probably be the next Florida paper on.

All committees should meet soon (perhaps within 30 days) to get their goals
and finances in order.  Carol did indicate that she wanted to return to the
scholarship committee.  Kathy agreed that it was a good committee last year.

Kathy wanted to know how to get more people to join the list.  Perhaps Dan
could put that in his president's message in The Focus.

Fort Myers Chapter:  Marion and Mary are going this weekend, Carolyn and (I
believe Dan and Gloria, somehow a couple of the names were missing from my
report list).

The subregional library meeting is on the 12th.  Dwight was not able to be
here to ask about their news.  Apparently this issue isn't over yet.  J. D.
spoke at National to the gentleman from Library of Congress who seems to
feel basically that the need for many of the subregionals has passed.  His
actual comment was that he thought that the arguments that the librarian at
the Orange County Library made were sound.  J. D. is going to volunteer to
be on the national library committee; Dan is already on.

Transportation Disadvantaged Conference:  Attended by Gloria, David and
Dwight.  David was awarded the volunteer of the year.  This Medicaid thing
is a bad move on Transportation Disadvantaged.  Funding being lost because
of Medicaid.  Perhaps Dwight could be the Transportation subcommittee

Department of Disabilities:  Kathy  talked to Craig.  There is a Blue Ribbon
Task Force headed up by someone who is extremely influential in the
Developmental Disabilities.  If that department comes to Fruition, the blind
are likely to get swallowed up.  Craig was not appointed to serve on this
committee.  The deaf were allowed to have their commission this year.  Blind
Services must not be a part of things related to health as our issues are
not health issues.  We need to talk with Michael Elliott and with Craig to
learn where we need to go for our input.  We need to know how we can help.
Gloria is on a legislative committee with a lady who works for Developmental
Disabilities.  Gloria is talking with her, and perhaps something good can
come of that communication process.  We may need to spend money to get this

Carol reported that she would be out of town roughly August 6-14 to see
Grandson Barry.  Kathy has the wedding of one of her daughters on 9-4.

Dan wants to schedule a face-to-face meeting not related to a convention.

If we have to go to Tallahassee about this commission thing, it will not be
until March.

J. D. moved adjournment, Tom seconded and this was done at 9:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Feazell, Secretary NFBF