Minutes of  the NFBF Board Meeting

July 3, 2004


After our pizza lunch, Dan called the meeting to order at approximately 12:30 P.M. in Dwightís room at the Marriott during the 2004 National Federation of the Blind Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Answering the roll call were:  President Dan Hicks, First Vice-President Kathy Davis, Second Vice-President J. D. Townsend, Treasurer Tom Hartig, Secretary Carol Feazell and board members Gloria Hicks, Dwight Sayer and Betty McNally (as soon as she could get free from the elevator fiasco); Joe Minichiello was unable to make the convention and so was not present at our meeting but was greatly missed. 


Tom had no treasurerís report as we were yet in the midst of finances and thus making reconciliation in an up-to-date fashion extremely difficult.  He could remind us that we were basically spending faster than we were bringing in.  All agreed we must get our brochure out. 


Gloria announced that she had our banquet table assignments for all in our state chapter who had made banquet exchange arrangements with her. 


We have our $103,000 that was pledged last year to the White Cane fund.  Then $2000 will be given to the TenBroeck fund and $5000 White Cane this year.  We will pledge $500 to the Imagine Fund as well as offer 500 names of persons to be contacted.  This was moved by J. D. and seconded by Tom and passed unanimously.


Tom has been approached on the national level for fundraising. 


Resolutions:  J. D. reported that in the Resolutions Committee, the coinage resolution had proved somewhat controversial during the meeting.  On the state level, our library resolution was urgent and had been dealt with in part by the participation of many throughout the state rallying in Orlando on Saturday, June 26.  Work is still to be done. 


The Daytona Center is undergoing many changes and hopefully some good ones from our NFBF prospective. 


Dan then had to leave to take his part in the National Scholarship Committee meeting so First Vice-President Kathy Davis took over the meeting from here.


Back to the discussion about the Daytona Center, the custodialism has to go; some are worried about their jobs there.  The outcome of all this is yet unknown.  We want to see positive changes and are not merely being confrontational.


Discussion followed about the resolution regarding the ID nondriverís card.  We felt that we did not quite know where to go next to act upon this.  Betty did some clarifying for many of us.  The Patriot Act was passed which allowed for ID other than driverís licenses and passports.  Florida has considered other than the Driverís License and the Passports as secondary and thus not necessarily as valid as those two items.  We need to strengthen or modify that Little Patriot Act of Florida to be more inclusive of our state ID. 


Another of our state resolutions was to strengthen the Guide Dog Protection Act.  Some of our members are particularly strong in this regard and will be approached.


Tom who is also involved on the national level for Newsline tells us that legal expertise in our national organization tells us that technically Newsline can definitely be assisted in funding through the rehabilitation department.  Tom has assured us that he will not give up his guide and direction of our Florida Newsline until it is safely secured in an ongoing funded fashion. 


Tom moved that we support Kathy in whatever ways that would be appropriate should she choose to run for the chair of the State Rehabilitation Council.  J. D. seconded this motion and it carried unanimously. 


After quite a long discussion about things in general, the meeting was adjourned at 2:05 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Feazell, Secretary NFBF