NFBF Board Meeting

May 28, 2004


The meeting was called to order and approximately 7:30 p.m. by President Dan Hicks at the Adams Mark Hotel, Jacksonville.  Present were:  President Dan Hicks, First Vice-President Kathy Davis, Second Vice-President J. D. Townsend, Treasurer Tom Hartig, Secretary Carol Feazell, board members Gloria Hicks, Carolyn Lapp, David Evans and Dwight Sayer. 


It was decided to wave the minutes of the previous meeting as the secretary had not have time to compile them before the convention.


Treasury:  Tom referenced his asset statement of 5/15.  Had received $1310 for the month as result of exhibitors etc.  Our budget is pretty much on target but exhibitors were down.  We did put out $600 for each chapter requiring a convention grant.  Dwight moved, J. D. seconded and the motion carried unanimously to approve the treasurerís report.


Fundraising:  We are almost out of tickets for our Ticket to Paradise.  We are nearly ready to do the labeling and the send-out of the bequest pamphlets.  


Events Committee:  Exhibitor list ready.  We will have a ticket  to win a prize, obtain by visiting the exhibit hall.  $50 to be drawn Monday morning at the business session. 


Resolutions:  J.D. has 5 of them. 


Florida Focus:  Is printed.  Carolyn continues to need more chapter participation with articles.  All chapters should be heard from.  For this time, Carolyn will do the tape duplicating when she gets home. 


Scholarships:  Kathy reported that all scholarship winners were either present currently or would be by tomorrow.  The students will be holding their pizza party on Saturday evening. 


Pam Allen, our national rep, was present with her husband and spoke to us. 


We reviewed the convention checklist and various seminars to be presented. 


Our talking Book reader, Roy Avers, was present. 


Kathy made a reminder of  the presidents luncheon at the end, noting that vice-presidents were also welcome. 


We did have some discussion about the upcoming resolution regarding a change of meeting time to other than Memorial Day weekend from 2006 onward, questioning whether or not this sort of thing would be appropriate as a resolution; it would stand as such.  This was after a great deal of discussion.


We also have agreed to go to Fort Myers for an organizational meeting there early in August.  More details to follow later.


Tom moved for adjournment which was done some time after 10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Feazell, Secretary NFBF