NFBF Board Minutes

May 20, 2004


The teleconference meeting was called to order by President Dan Hicks at approximately 8:30 P.M.  Answering the roll call were:  President Dan Hicks; First Vice-President Kathy Davis; Second Vice-President J. D. Townsend; Treasurer Tom Hartig; Secretary Carol Feazell; Board Members Gloria Hicks, Dwight Sayer.  Carolyn Lapp, board member, came later.  David would also come later. 


Discussion about minutes.  Tom moved, Kathy seconded and the motion carried unanimously to approve all minutes that had been sent out by the secretary. 


This being more of a committee of the whole than a regular board meeting, Tom did not prepare a treasurerís report. 


Carolyn is preparing the taped agenda and the library is sending  the braille agendas to Carol.  Dan noted a last-minute room change, that all meetings formerly scheduled for River Terrace 8 are now River Terrace 11.  This means that all of our rooms are together. 


Exhibitors:  Tom has a check for two tables from Low Vision Aids out of Jacksonville but does not know the actual company name.  Florida Reading and Vision Technology might be, Dwight says.  The voting machine people are not apparently going to be at the convention as we had thought; David may know more about this when we talk with him. 


We have a storage room for door prizes, etc., but will have to pay for rekeying the lock.  $100 is the cost of this.  Discussion followed.  It was decided that we would have to do this. 


FLAGDO is ready with guide dog issues. 


Banquet and luncheon menus:  decisions were made in the Events Committee meeting.  Gloria read the banquet menu as selected.  A vegetarian selection is available but we donít know what.  We must make certain the vegetarians get their moneyís-worth.  Student box lunches $15.  Nominating breakfast coffee and assorted pastries.  Presidentís committee gets a deli plate luncheon. 


Sound system is of course something for which they will charge.  Will be having karaoke instead of just a dance after the banquet.  Can use karaoke mikes during sessions if we wish. 


Prayers will be done by our members as there was too much difficulty with Memorial Day weekend getting clergymen.  Local officials are also a problem with the weekend but Jacksonville will have a proclamation. 


DBS speakers:  Craig will not be here as has had a death in the family, his mother.  We have assurance that there will be good representation. 


Dan needs to get a final from each chapter for nominating representatives. 


Door prizes:  two for $50 and six for $25 will be given by the state.  Enticement prize tickets for those visiting the exhibit hall:  two $50 prizes.  (Carolyn entered here, rushing home from her sonís band concert).  Dan at this point called David who was calling on other NFB business and had forgotten our meeting and would call in.  This he did. 


Exhibitors will be each given $5 to talk. 


Resolutions:  J. D. has a library resolution and a state ID card resolution. 


Carol will try to get someone from the Supervisor of Elections office. 


The Avon table will be present in the exhibit hall.  Jacksonville will have a candy table.  There will be a table for state tickets.  Dwight said we needed to send a note to National for a ticket table.  Tom wants tickets turned in at the state convention.  Carolyn mentioned a ten-dollar-a-day for parking.  Could the hotel wave or reduce this? 


Craigís mother died.  In lieu of flowers, the family has asked money to go to Hospice.  Dwight moved, Kathy seconded, motion carried unanimously to send $100 to Hospice.


National:  $750 will be given to each board member.  Discussion followed.  It was placed as a suggestion that $300 per person be given for those going to National, recommendations coming from perhaps the chapter presidents.   Discussion evolved even about some needing assistance to the state. 

By policy, the president does have certain discretionary authority for such grants under special circumstances.  Gloria moved that we give each person who is an NFBF member in good standing and who plans to go to the convention, attending all sessions including the final dayís session until necessary time of departure $300.  Dwight seconded the motion.  Discussion followed.  We have to be good stewards of the money.  Conventions are what helps form good members rooted in NFB philosophy.  There is that delicate balance.  Motion carried with one descending vote.  Carolyn was the descending vote and wanted it noted in the minutes that last year the state board complained about spending #20,000; this year we will spend $40,000, she states.  Her view is well respected and noted and all hope that we wonít reach such a figure.  Carolyn feels that we will spend ourselves into a broke state just like we once were.  Money will have to be continued to be made.  We must decide what to give for White Cane and TenBroeck funds.  This should be mentioned at the meeting next week at the Adams Mark.  Our pledge of last year we will present this year. 


Discussion returned to convention details such as orientation to the hotel, the time of the walk-through meeting which would be 4 P.M. next Thursday and the board meeting at 8 P.M. on Friday.


Everyone thoroughly exhausted but generally feeling a little better about state convention arrangements for the most part, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Feazell, Secretary NFBF