NFBF Board Meeting

March 28, 2004


The meeting was called to order by President Dan Hicks at approximately 8:30 p.m. via teleconference.  Present were:  President Dan Hicks, First Vice-President Kathy Davis, Second Vice-President J. D. Townsend, Treasurer Tom Hartig, Board members

Gloria Hicks, David Evans, Dwight Sayer and Carolyn Lapp.  Secretary Carol Feazell would be late, finalizing the minutes later from the tape supplied by President Dan.


Names need to be taken out of minutes so as never to be offensive, derogatory or otherwise unpleasant to anyone concerned, the minutes being quite public for those who want to see them.  Carol is to be reminded of this and make necessary corrections in the two sets of minutes needing approval.


Treasurer:  Last month we balanced out with a -$383.  Dues are coming in this month; that will help us come up.  We are about to receive about $1200 or $1300  for monies in excess of what we have already acquired for Newsline.  Although lost in the postal service for the past month, $1000 is coming in from John Pare Sen. which will be restricted to the Tampa chapter.  That will go on to the treasurer of Tampa.  J. D. moved, Dwight seconded and the motion carried to accept the treasurer's report.


Fundraiser:  Raffle tickets sales coming in.  The brochure has been completed and now must be distributed.  Need to draft a short letter on nice stationery to send with brochure.  Will need to stamp this first-class.  Orlando will do the mail-out. 


Newsline:  In the midst of membership drive.  Doing extremely well.  Have had 736 new members sign up in the last 3 months.  Tom has most of their letters mailed.  Legislatively Newsline is in the Senate Appropriations for $150,000.  This is not a line item.  The current plan is that this will not be resolved in the house but rather in conference committee.  We still need to go for long-term funding, like Public Service Relay funding as the deaf do.  We got a NEWSLINE contract which Tom sent to us all.  It is just an upgrading, no real change from the previous.  Dwight moved, David seconded and the motion carried to allow Tom to sign the Newsline contract as the representative of the sponsor.  John Pare is moving and so Tom will need a Newsline assistant.


Focus:  Carolyn hopes to have another out in one month or so.  Send items to Carolyn.  David expressed some personal issues necessitating his not being available to do many things that he has done for us in the past including running for the board this year.  He will also not be so available for the Focus.  Help is needed.


Events:  Events Committee met.  One main concern is Tallahassee.  Must take a big bus from Miami.  The driver cannot drive over ten hours and the big bus would be more likely to make the time frame.  Bus issues are yet being resolved.  Places to meet and a cell phone from a designated person from each will have to be worked out.  The legislative committee will deal with the issue of appointments and will meet next week.  The trip is set; the reservations are made.  We also talked about the convention, specifically which seminars we would have and formed a subcommittee for the agenda.  A panel session might be done regarding the voting issues. 


Transportation/David:  A group from Palm Beach went to Tallahassee earlier this month.  Folders with facts sheets were provided.  Total of 19 went. 


Kathy with scholarships:  Coming in, perhaps not so many as last year.  Kathy has parts of some.  Some applicants not entirely compliant with materials set down as guidelines for acceptance. 


Memberships with Carolyn:  Did the mail-out for the convention. 


Resolutions with J. D.:  Resolutions should be send out via E mail to J. D.  Dan, Kathy, Gloria, Sherry, David, Kitty are the additional members. 


Convention checklist:  Tom spoke with last year's treasurer to get pointers of what to do.  Tom had not realized that formerly the treasurer made the reservations for the board members.  Rooms for national rep and talking book reader might need to be known by Tom and dealt with.  Tom is doing name badges as people register.  Need to make sure we have mikes in all seminars and also that we have music available, amplifiers etc.  This contract requires that we have liability insurance and we don't have that.  Tom will take on the investigation of same as treasurer.  It's about time to make board reservations and talking book rep and national rep.  Dwight moved, Tom seconded to limit scholarships to 6.  Gloria presented a friendly amendment that if more state contributions came in from the state, that that money go into a scholarship fund.  (Carol entered in the middle of discussion.)  The friendly amendment was kept with the understanding that should this become an issue, the chapter giving the money would have to approve in order for that to come to fruition.  The final motion was that there be no more than six scholarships; and if more scholarships came in from chapters, each would have to understand that any excess would be put into a restricted scholarship fund of the state to be used next year; said chapter would have to be in agreement with this and must not be required by force to comply.  Motion carried with one descent and one abstention. 


Kathy wanted to talk about seminars at the state convention.  In the morning, Dan and Kathy would have Leadership and Problem-Solving.  Against that would be Senior Seminar.  Noon would be Guide Dog and Basic Computer.  Afternoon, 2 o'clock, New Products for the Blind and against that:  Advanced Technology.  At 4 o'clock, J. D. run Jobline and Employment and possibly concurrently would be run Public Relations.  Actual draft needs to be sent out to us. 


Expenses:  Tom made a motion for $500 per chapter and it must be shown exactly how the money will be spent in order to receive the chapter money.  Dwight offered an amendment to $600 which Tom said that he would "begrudgingly" accept.  After discussion, motion carried unanimously.  Rooms will be paid for board members and $30 per diem. 


Exhibitors:  Very concerning.  Need to fire up PR committee for such as press.  Motion was made by David for $250 for door prizes and J. D. seconded and motion carried.  Student Division is going to have a pizza party at their own expense.  Carol will find out the approximate cab cost from the train station to the hotel. 




Meeting adjourned at approximately 10:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Feazell, Secretary, NFBF